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Aarki Unveils AI-Powered Mobile Marketing Platform

April 1, 2024

New platform set to advance mobile advertising with AI and privacy-centric solutions, increasing ROI on mobile growth marketing campaigns

(SAN FRANCISCO, April 2, 2024)Aarki, an AI company that delivers mobile advertising solutions that drives revenue growth, today launched its all-new AI platform, positioning itself to become an innovative, privacy-centric bidding platform for mobile marketers.  Aarki’s custom-built, multi-level machine learning infrastructure with deep neural networks optimize bid prices for maximum campaign ROI. This new solution is designed to simplify the advertising process and streamline the complexity of reaching and engaging with consumers.

Aarki’s platform utilizes deep neural networks (DNNs) and Multi-Objective Bid OptimizationTM (MOBO) to decipher signals indicative of successful consumer conversion, retention, and consequent publisher revenue generation. By leveraging trillions of contextual signals, the platform also generates dynamic behavioral audience cohorts for targeting without the use of device IDs. This platform is the culmination of 12 months of dedicated AI development and engineering.

“In-app mobile performance advertising stands as the most competitive and sophisticated segment within the digital media market, anticipated to reach a combined value of over half a trillion globally this year, according to With the launch of our all-new AI platform, we are not just introducing advanced technology; we are setting a new standard for performance advertising that anticipates and adapts to the evolving needs of mobile app developers globally,” said Aman Sareen, CEO of Aarki.“Our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge AI, deep neural networks, and a privacy-first approach represents our vision for a future where technology and human creativity converge to create new opportunities for user growth and engagement.”

Instrumental in Aarki’s ability to achieve superior campaign ROI for clients is the Company’s three pillars of differentiation; it’s AI-powered platform, privacy first solutions, and unified creative framework.This combination offers advertisers a unique blend of technology, strategic creative input, and meticulous campaign management to generate superior results.

The launch of Aarki’s all-new AI platform follows the recent announcement of a new leadership team at the Company under the direction of CEO Aman Sareen. Aarki’s customers include Playtika, Me2Zen, RisingWings, Bagelcode, and many of the world’s other leading mobile game publishers.

Sareen concluded, “True innovation is needed in this space to meet customer requirements, and at Aarki, we’re committed to delivering the solution that finally redefines what is possible to reach the wide variety of growth marketing KPIs.”

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About Aarki:

Aarki is an AI company that delivers mobile advertising solutions that drive revenue growth for mobile app developers. Aarki allows brands to effectively engage audiences in a privacy-first world by using billions of contextual bidding signals coupled with proprietary machine learning and behavioral models. Working with hundreds of advertisers globally and managing over 5M mobile ad requests per second from over 10B devices, Aarki is independently operated and headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices across the US, EMEA, and APAC.