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Aarki provides an industry leading mobile performance advertising solution powered by great people and technology

Aarki was built to drive long term revenue growth for mobile app businesses. We empower growth marketers to grow their user base cost effectively, at scale, and with measurable ROI. We run a DSP that is powered by AI-driven audience engagement and a deep understanding of the dynamic nature of RTB marketplaces.

We have a unique team of software engineers, data scientists, creative designers, and business professionals with extensive experience in advertising technology and the economics of running a media business.


Our core values represent the things that drive our behavior, attitudes, and relationships with each other, clients, partners, and the world. They are the genetic markers that drive every interaction and communication, the most important beliefs of our team.

We Partner with the Best in the World

Great measurable advertising performance requires great partnerships. We partner with all of the major mobile inventory sources around the world giving us access to valuable inventory and a wide variety of audiences. Finally our partnerships with leading mobile measurement services give our clients reputable KPI and ROI verification.


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Ad tech and AI expertise of over 100 years experience… Aarki has assembled a world-class team with a unique mix of capabilities led by seasoned experts who are passionate about delivering long-term revenue growth.

Aman Sareen

Vijay Agarwal
SVP Engineering

Avi Das

Tiffany Flores
SVP, Global Operations and Chief of Staff

Ed Haslam
SVP Marketing

Lisa Hu

Chaitanya Upadhyay

Joe Zachariah

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We understand the value we and our customers gain when we work with intelligent people who make smart decisions, so that is who we hire. It is imperative that we hire smart people who can work intelligently. Is that you? Come join us!

Aarki values employees who are open, get things done, have passion, and like to win!

Mobile growth marketing done right!

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