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Performance lift from creative optimization

Power of Creative Optimization

On average, clients see a ROI lift of 47.5% as a result of our dynamic creative optimization technology.

Our in-house creative designers develop engaging ads, which are then optimized through targeted programmatic media and multivariate testing.  

Integrated Mobile App Advertising

Aarki Encore is our integrated platform that enables robust and scalable programmatic media buying, development of rich & interactive HTML5 creative, and unified optimization. 

Users enjoying cross platform advertising

Machine learning drives better app marketing performance

Machine Learning

User data is fed into a system of Bayesian machine learning models to estimate the propensity that the user will perform a certain action. This propensity is then used in creative and media optimization.

As new information comes in, the propensity gets updated automatically.

Aarki Encore

Aarki Encore is our end-to-end platform that enables programmatic advertising for your mobile app. It consists of a scalable media buying platform and a powerful creative design suite.

Creative, media, and machine learning form the Aarki Encore stack

Strong machine learning algorithms in Aarki Encore enable unified optimization of creative and media, delivering a stronger ROI for your campaign.

The platform allows setting target CPI, maximum CPM bid, budget, and caps. Users can be targeted based on ad exchange, device type, OS, time of day, and many other parameters.

Multivariate creative testing and optimization

Multivariate Creative Testing

Our in-house designers create and test ads in a variety of formats to evaluate the best format for your campaign. Even within a given ad format, the components of the ad are optimized using multivariate creative testing.

This dynamic creative optimization technology ensures that your media dollars are always spent on the best performing creative.

Programmatic Media Buying

Aarki Encore contains a robust media buying platform that is connected to 13 major exchanges through our own dedicated global data centers.

We have private marketplace (PMP) deals representing over a billion impressions a day. These deals enable us to provide you with exclusive first-look inventory, and more stable volume and pricing.

Programmatic media buying through ad exchanges and private marketplaces

Transparency in programmatic advertising

End-to-End Transparency

In a completely transparent environment like Aarki Encore, you can see exactly where your ad is running, what audience is seeing the ad, and exactly what you are getting for your money.

This allows you to make changes and adjustments to campaign parameters in real-time.

Vertical Solutions

Using our experience across 150,000+ app marketing campaigns, we have developed institutional knowledge and expertise for different industry verticals.

This expertise is available as custom campaigns for specific mobile app verticals such as games, shopping, lifestyle, and travel.

Aarki has deep expertise in 13 app categories

Aarki offers superior technology coupled with customized service

Custom Campaigns

We know that there is no “one size fits all” in mobile app marketing. We partner with you to develop campaigns that support your specific goals.

We are confident about the value we bring to you. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation today.