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Integrated Mobile Marketing

Aarki Encore is an AI enabled platform for programmatic media and creative optimization using proprietary data.

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Machine Learning

Auction and user data is fed into a system of Bayesian models to learn the likelihood that a new user will convert, engage, or make purchases within the app.

This likelihood is used in creative and media optimization. Models are updated automatically based on user engagement data.

Custom Models

We know that there is no “one size fits all” in mobile marketing. We partner with you to develop machine learning models that support your specific goals.

We are confident about the value we bring to you. Schedule a complimentary consultation with a member of our data science team.

Custom Models

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Global Infrastructure

Through integration with 10 major exchanges across 5 data centers Aarki reaches millions of QPS (queries or auctions per second) which provides unmatched access to global supply.

Multiple ISPs, direct connections to exchanges, and low latency networking maintain high reliability.

Variety of Ad Formats

A multitude of ad formats deliver incredible scale across hundreds of thousands of publishers.

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Creative Personalization

Our creative team develop highly engaging creative in Aarki Studio.

First-party data like user attributes personalize the creative messaging during ad serving.


Elevate Your ROI

On average, clients see a ROI lift of 47.5% as a result of our machine learning (AI) optimization technology.

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