Extend Your Growth Marketing Team with Aarki AI

Aarki is an AI company that builds advertising solutions to drive mobile revenue growth.

Driving ROI for Leading Publishers with Compelling Creative Execution

57% reduction in CPI
Outperformed IDFA traffic with 30% higher ROI
mobility ware
25% lift in retention rate
10x average ROAS and a 25x increase in global reactivations.
Install volume increased by 220%

Unified Creative Strategy™ is core to our platform

Our Business Solutions

Aarki drives long term revenue growth for publishers and brands


User Acquisition

User acquisition is for mobile publishers and brands looking to grow their business by reaching new audiences with quantified and verified ROI. Aarki does this with maximum budget efficiency at scale to meet and exceed programmatic campaign KPIs.

White glove customer success teams ensure this all happens with total transparency as trusted extensions of your growth marketing team.



The best customers are often previous ones. Re-targeting is all about re-engaging with dormant audience segments who are already familiar with your product or service.

Aarki’s mobile re-targeting DSP leverages your segments with highly optimized creatives that re-ignite interest, and also can be extended to larger segments derived from our deep neural net ML.

Aarki User Acquisition and Re-engagement
auctions per day
unique users
mobile ad requests / second

How we do it

Full-service Marketing Platform

Aarki’s unique technology differentiation sits at the intersection of AI, privacy-first engagement, and creative execution. All three of the technology pillars feed off each other and provide feedback that results in optimal RTB campaign performance — it is the foundation for next generation of mobile growth marketing.

The right ad in front of the right person, in the right context with privacy awareness all at the right price.

Mobile growth marketing done right!