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Integrated Mobile Marketing

Aarki Encore is an AI enabled platform for programmatic media and creative optimization using proprietary data.

Proprietary Data, Machine Learning, Creative Optimization
Machine Learning



Machine Learning

Ad auction and user data is fed into a system of Bayesian models to predict the likelihood that a new user will convert, engage, or make purchases within the app.

Creative Optimization


Creative Optimization

Using our extensive creative expertise and Aarki Studio, our proprietary creative suite, we’re able to leverage a variety of ad formats, DCO, and hyper personalized ads to drive to the engagement that matters.

Proprietary data

Aarki’s proprietary data and rich user profiles power our models and bid time decisioning.

Data Enrichment

Global infrustruction

Global Infrastructure

Aarki has five data centers and integrates with all major ad exchanges. We reach millions of QPS (queries or auctions per second) which provides unmatched access to global inventory.

Multiple ISPs, direct connections to exchanges, and low latency networking maintain high reliability.