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Aarki Earns High Ranks in the AppsFlyer Performance Index

April 1, 2021

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 25, 2021 ( – Aarki, a leading AI-enabled mobile marketing platform, today announced it has received several high rankings in the AppsFlyer’s Performance Index and “proved they are able to deliver high-quality users.”

“We are proud to be part of the top media sources for over 26 Power and 12 Volume Rankings,” said Sid Bhatt, CEO at Aarki. “Aarki is a company that aims for excellence, and I believe this is the reason for our exponential performance.”

AppsFlyer, one of the major mobile measurement partners in the industry, releases this index twice every year. The report ranks various media sources on their ability to retain, monetize, and retarget users on mobile devices. 

In the 12th edition just released, AppsFlyer ranks Aarki as a top media source across North America (#4), Western Europe (#8), LATAM (#10), Eastern Europe (#11), SEA (#16), and Globally (#10). These rankings refer to all categories on both Android and iOS platforms in the Growth Index

In terms of performance, Aarki is #13 in the Power Rank for gaming apps and #15 in all categories globally both on Android and iOS platforms in the Retention Index. It has ranked #7 for Social Casino category globally and in Western Europe, and #10 in North America on Android platform. 

Aarki’s prominent rankings in the Remarketing Index are as follows: #4 in Europe and #5 in APAC for Android and iOS platforms in all gaming categories. For all categories, Aarki ranks #5 in North America, #6 in APAC and Middle East & Africa, and #7 for Europe and LATAM on Android and iOS platforms. 

Aarki has also two appearances in the Global IAP Index that ranks media sources based on their ability to deliver a high share of paying users. 

Learn more about Aarki’s inclusion in the Appsflyer’s Performance Index.

About AppsFlyer Performance Index 
AppsFlyer started the Performance Index in 2015. Since then, the AppsFlyer Performance Index has served as the industry-standard report card for mobile advertising, helping app marketers determine the best media sources for their campaigns by region, category and platform. For the Performance Index XII, AppsFlyer analyzed 29 billion app installs and 60 billion app opens across more than 16,000 apps from July through December 2020. There were a total of 580 media sources evaluated with a minimum of 50K attributed installs. 

About Aarki

Aarki is an AI company that delivers advertising solutions that drive revenue growth for mobile app developers. Aarki allows brands to effectively engage audiences in a privacy-first world by using billions of contextual bidding signals coupled with proprietary machine learning and behavioral models. Working with hundreds of advertisers globally and managing over 5M mobile ad requests per second from over 10B devices, Aarki is independently operated and headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices across the United States, EMEA, and APAC.