the aarki effect
abstract noun  |  the aark·i ef·fect  |  \thē är-kē i-ˈfekt\

1. greater return on ad spending
2. unification of creative optimization & programmatic media
3. ad performance optimization using machine learning


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Card Game App Achieves Top-10 Rank

Get the high quality downloads your mobile app deserves. You expect to be #1 and we are a company that believes in delivering. So we offer a "Volume Guarantee" program. What could be better?

A recent client wanted to reach the top-10 in the casino and card game app categories on both iOS and Android platforms. Aarki implemented an incentivized campaign targeting women 35+. As a result, the client was able to achieve and sustain top-10 ranks with an eCPI under $1. Now that's the aarki effect!

Don't ignore the creative.

You take pride in extracting the maximum value out of your media dollars. But is your mobile ad creative on autopilot? It is time to take control of your creative and take ad performance to the next level.


Aarki Encore is our proprietary technology for creative optimization and programmatic media.  Built with a "mobile first" philosophy, the technology uses machine learning for performance optimization.

With Aarki Encore, we create high performing app marketing campaigns in a fraction of the time that would be typically required.

120,000+ Campaigns

We have run app marketing campaigns for every major industry vertical - automotive, consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, quick service restaurants, entertainment, retail, gaming, and many others. We are a full-service app marketing agency and offer solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our solution integrates with almost every major player in the industry.




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