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Download a practical guide that provides important strategies for a successful user acquisition campaign.

Passion for Victory

It's this passion that drives our engineers to create bleeding edge technology and our campaign teams to consistently over deliver. 

Aarki understands user acquisition and offers exactly what our mobile games need. I feel confident working with Aarki because I know I am dealing with great technology and a rock solid campaign team. 

David Cremades Beltrán CMO // User Acquisition and Monetization From The Bench S.L.

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Unified Optimization

By unifying creative and media optimization, we deliver stronger ROI than anyone else in the industry.

Programmatic media

Big data analytics enables us to flight ads efficiently and to the right audience.

Engaging creative

Our ads engage users by leveraging video, rich media, and interactive designs.

Superior Technology

Big data analytics and machine learning form the backbone of our app advertising technology.

Full Service Agency

We are a full service agency that helps you quickly achieve high chart rankings, acquire high quality users at scale, and maximize your ROI.



Start a pilot campaign for only $5,000. See how machine learning and multivariate can help you elevate your ROI.