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Understanding Two Different Retargeting Strategies: Cross-Promotion & Re-engagement

The mobile app marketing industry has made some incredible advancements since its early years. At first, app marketers were only paying for the ad clicks. Then the focus shifted to the installs that were being generated. Now app marketers have bigger challenges: Engaging and retaining users with high lifetime value (LTV). Thus, many have began to optimize their app marketing campaigns around retargeting concept with its two key strategies being cross-promotion and re-engagement.

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The Role of Mobile Devices in eCommerce

Over the year, mobile devices have become more of a necessity rather than an accessory. There was a time when we used mobile devices only for communication. Nowadays, mobile devices are everywhere and are used for variety of purposes. From finding transportation to doing taxes, mobile app solutions have quickly been growing at an exponential rate. One of the fastest growing mobile app verticals is ecommerce.

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Understanding The Mobile Retargeting & Re-engagement Basics

The mobile app ecosystem has always been quick to change. App marketing success used to be measured by the number of ad clicks. Then the focus moved to how many people installed the app. Now the industry is starting to realize that engagement and retaining valuable users is the key to success.

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Programmatic Advertising: Re-engaging Users Through Mobile Retargeting

Back in the early days, app marketers’ biggest challenge was getting users to install their apps. Today, app install is still one of the most common key performance indicators (KPI) in an app marketing campaign. However, as the mobile app industry continues to mature, app marketers are faced with an even bigger challenge.

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