Ad Creative Tool Kit: A Guide for Mobile Marketers on How to Create Enticing Ads

Gaming apps are taking over people’s phone screens and the number of people engaging with mobile gaming apps is rapidly increasing. Advertisers have a golden opportunity to reap the benefits of this evolving mobile gaming industry, to convert new users and to amplify revenue.

Creative is the backbone of any mobile gaming campaign, so it’s essential to get your creative right and ensure you connect with your users with relevant and engaging ads. In our FREE creative toolkit, you will learn about:

  • Ad formats for a successful mobile marketing campaign

  • Creative strategies to ensure you’re targeting the right users

  • Specific tips for gaming app creatives


What You Will Discover In Our Report

icon-1_ad formatActionable insights for choosing the right ad format to scale your campaign

icon-1_game verticalCreative strategies by vertical

icon-1_mobile adHelpful tips for the design of your ad creative

Discover insights on how to create enticing ads