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Grow your mobile app users with
Aarki’s advanced machine learning technology and highly engaging ads.

Why Run your Campaigns with Aarki?

Unmatched scale

Unmatched Scale

image (27) 5 global data centers with 1.5M+  queries per second

image (27) All major ad exchanges integrated and all ad formats are supported 
Guaranteed Performance

Guaranteed Performance

image (27) Achieve down-funnel KPIs for events like registration, sale, and purchase

image (27) Recognized in the industry as a leading mobile performance DSP
Creative Automation

Creative Automation

image (27) Creative localization for 26 languages

image (27) Deep repository of creative

User Acquisition Process

UA Process

Creative Capabilities

Variety of Ad Formats

By using all types of ad formats and sizes, we deliver incredible scale across hundreds of
thousands of publishers.


Multivariate Creative Testing


Any creative element can have any number of variants


Machine learning algorithms choose the best performing variant combinations


Over 200% gain in ad production efficiency

Getting Started

Once the campaign details were given, the analyst will identify which exchanges and ad formats best fit the advertiser’s requirements.
Launch the campaigns and closely monitor the performance. Make adjustments if necessary.
Manage the campaigns and do bid, model, and creative optimization to deliver to client's goals.

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Go beyond personalized to hyper-personalized programmatic campaigns.
Acquire and retain more high value app users.

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