The State of Programmatic

in Russia 2021

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[eBook] The State of Programmatic in Russia 2021

Programmatic is becoming a key platform for mobile marketing in Russia. To help you scale your programmatic campaigns in Russia, we have created an eBook with a detailed background of Russia’s programmatic landscape, to provide more context about the region. We also share the secrets behind the success of our two featured case studies, and tips on how to create a successful mobile programmatic campaign.

What you will find in the eBook:

  • Insights into the state of mobile programmatic in Russia
  • Tips on how to successfully market your app in Russia
  • Advice on what to look for in a demand-side platform (DSP) partner

[Webinar] Scaling UA Performance for Mobile Apps Globally

For insights into how to scale your app globally, we also have a on-demand video of our recent webinar, Scaling UA Performance for Mobile Apps Globally, tailored to the Russian market, with SocialPeta. Our speakers, Oleg Eliseev of Aarki and Sergey Zhukovskiy of SocialPeta, cover topics such as programmatic strategies, how to grow a global user base, SKAN campaign recommendations, and more! Download the eBook to gain access to the video. 

Oleg Eliseev
Oleg Eliseev 
Sr. Account Executive - Russia

Sergey Zhukovskiy
Sergey Zhukovskiy
CIS Business Development Manager

What to Find in These Resources

icon 1 (1)An overview of the Russian mobile industry market.

icon 3 (1)Tips on achieving successful mobile app growth in Russia and globally.

2 (2)Insights on the current trends and challenges in Russia.

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