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Variety of Ad Formats

Aarki supports all ad formats for mobile programmatic, from banners, interstitials, video, native, and playable. By using all types of ad formats and sizes, we deliver incredible scale across hundreds of thousands of publishers.


Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

With dynamic creative optimization, we utilize multivariate testing tools to show the most relevant ad variation, like optimal CTA, to your target users. DCO tests and optimizes many different variants of an ad creative to maximize performance.

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User level personalization capabilities are built directly into the Aarki Studio and DSP, and integrated with AI-powered media optimization ensuring advertising is not only personalized but also optimized for efficiency at scale. Personalization generates 3X higher ROI and a 25% increase in conversion rate compared to non-personalized ads.


Deep Repository of Creative Learnings

Aarki's design team produces engaging, effective, data-driven ads that help drive campaign performance.

Creative Learnings

Aarki Studio

Aarki Studio is a fully-featured creative platform. Packaged with advanced animation tools, interactions, and built in localization, Aarki Studio significantly reduces ad creation time without sacrificing quality and creativity.

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