Social Point’s ROI for LAT Traffic

Exceeds Non-LAT by 65% with Aarki


The Challenge

With the IDFA deprecation quickly approaching, Socialpoint, a distinguished social game developer and publisher specializing in mobile apps, partnered with Aarki to assess the potential of a user acquisition campaign for their gaming app, Dragon City. This was to be targeted to iOS users, who have Limit Ad Tracking (or LAT) enabled on their device. 

The overall objective of this campaign was to see if LAT traffic would deliver against their app marketing goals, compared to non-LAT traffic, for their Dragon City gaming app. 

The Solution

Even before Apple’s announcement that they will be removing the IDFA, Aarki has already been targeting ads to LAT-enabled users. This has given us the opportunity to build and improve models that use contextual signals for predictions, without the IDFA. These LAT specific optimization models have proven to be effective in achieving client’s KPIs.

We made use of Socialpoint’s mobile measurement platform (MMP) to use their install and event postbacks to track the performance of their campaign. 

The Results

We were thrilled to see that even without the IDFA, the campaign was a success. The campaign’s ROI for LAT traffic exceeded Non-LAT by 65%. We also saw a significant 57.4% decrease in their CPI. 

The engaging playable ad creatives provided by Social Points in-house art team were also a factor in the campaign’s success.



Bottom Line

Aarki continues to scale limit ad tracking traffic in a non-IDFA environment and improve our machine learning models, which can be used for future campaigns. Our data scientists are continuously testing and optimizing our machine learning models so we can deliver a strong return on investment and acquire high-quality users for our clients. 

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“We were happy to see the results of this campaign. Even without the IDFA, we’re confident that we can still scale our user base with Aarki. I found that their team is very adaptable, which is important now that we’re transitioning towards a non-IDFA environment. With their data-driven and creative approach, we feel we can keep our partnership to explore further success.”   

Barbara Balazova
User Acquisition Specialist linkedin 

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Social Point is a highly-successful free-to-play mobile game developer that focuses on delivering high-quality, deeply-engaging entertainment experiences. On January 31, 2017, Social Point was acquired by Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTWO). Social Point currently has multiple profitable games in the market. Its two most successful titles, Dragon City and Monster Legends, have been downloaded more than 180 million times to date on iOS and Android platforms (as of January 31, 2017), and consistently have charted in the annual top-100 grossing mobile games in the United States since 2014.  

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