PNIX Increases Reactivations by 280%

through Aarki's Re-engagement Campaign

The Challenge

PNIX, a well-known game production company, focused on creating world-class games that generate massive mobile user traffic, contacted Aarki to run a re-engagement campaign for their Mini Golf King sports app. The objective of this campaign was to expand their user base whilst generating a high return on investment (ROI). PNIX was seeking a partner demand-side platform (DSP) with a large repository of data, machine learning expertise, and creative automation capabilities, because it was crucial for this campaign to meet and exceed their KPI goals.

The Solution

Prior to launching the campaign, we at Aarki analyzed the Mini Golf King app audience data. The analysis served as a basis to build custom machine learning models and design relevant retargeting ads.

With this data, we segmented the existing app user base based on their spending habits and last open dates and created our targeting groups. We also developed creative groups for each targeting group to be sure that the right personalized messaging was shown to the right audience. As we moved forward, we produced retargeting ad creatives in various ad formats, such as interstitial, video, banner, and native.

We divided the audience into non-spenders, low-spenders, mid-, and high-spenders and designed creative ads for each targeting group. The non-spenders were shown how to get free gifts and daily rewards, such as free chests every four hours and free spins with their daily log in. We reminded low- spenders to keep playing to unlock further stages and team events, and to gain more prizes. The mid-spenders were encouraged to keep playing to complete their club and ball collections. The creative strategy for high-spenders featured a sample of gameplay using the newly won freebie to remind the players how much fun the game is.



At Aarki, we understand that by focusing on developing relevant creative ads for each user segment, your retargeting campaign will be a breeze. We take the headache out of identifying your unique segments and designing specific messaging strategies and mobile ad creatives for each. If the ad creative is catchy, relevant, and based on your user’s experience, it will grab their attention and drive more engagement.

But it is important that you keep refreshing the creatives so that the audience doesn’t suffer from ad fatigue. We implemented champion/challenger testing for Mini Golf King, by running and comparing the performance of multiple creative variants simultaneously, and identifying the best performing “champion” creative. We kept on setting new challenges for the champion creative again and again to be sure that the winning creative did not become outdated.                

The Results

The campaign’s success exceeded expectations.

PNIX resuts


Yeeseul Hwang

Working with Aarki helped us scale and generate new high-value users when we needed to recover the app install volume and user quality we saw declining.

With their expertise, Aarki also helped us understand the importance of running retargeting campaigns which is now an integral part of our overall marketing plan moving forward.

Yeeseul Hwang
UA Part Leader

PNIX is a mobile game developer that has been active since 2012. PNIX believes the future of gaming is in casual games, which can be enjoyed by anybody in the world regardless of their race, gender, or age. PNIX games are easy to play and become immersed in by anyone, but difficult to master. Through their expertise, PNIX seeks to be a pioneer in the field of mobile service within the Krafton Game Union and contribute to its growth by developing world-class games that generate massive mobile user traffic.

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