Lynx Games Achieves Exponential Growth

with Aarki’s User Acquisition Campaign

The Challenge

Lynx games, headquartered in Seoul, reached out to Aarki to run a user acquisition campaign for their HighRoller Vegas Casino Slots app. The campaign’s objective was to widen their user base while generating a strong return on investment (ROI), as well as meet and exceed their key performance indicators (KPIs). The campaign also aimed to leverage Aarki’s large repository of data, machine learning expertise, and profound knowledge of creative design for casino slots apps.

The Solution

We set up the user acquisition campaign by leveraging Lynx’s first-party data and implementing our insights and institutional knowledge, gathered from previous campaigns. We needed to understand the target audiences and make data-driven decisions to deliver non-disruptive, customized messages that would align with the users' interests. All these efforts depended on our machine learning and creative optimization capabilities. 

Machine Learning Models

In the first phase of our campaign, we aimed for a deep understanding of the app’s users’ journey to inform our prediction model. All new apps go through this phase - typically for up to four weeks - but this app took just six days. On day six, our team launched the event optimization phase. After further data collection, the models improved their learnings. The analysis showed that the install rate moved closer to install probability, and, the event rate approached the event probability.

Predicted Probability vs Install & Event Rates

Lynx - Model Performance                                                                   

Creative Optimization

Understanding the audience is the key to running a successful campaign, so our team started with creative research. Armed with the conviction that highly relevant ads lead to quality audiences, we analyzed HighRoller Vegas Casino Slots’ social media accounts, website, and app store pages, for special game events, new features, and updates. We also iterated on the app’s creative assets based on our knowledge of what works best for this genre.

By leveraging our deep category expertise and our creative research, we designed ad creatives that were tailored to the interests of the target audiences and encourage them to play the game.  We used creative elements from the app, focusing on the full-screen reels. We also depicted multipliers and high-paying icons. This proved to be one of our most successful strategies ever.  From there, our creative team used animation to preview how the slot machines work so the viewer could understand what the app is about. Messaging (welcome bonus) and images of opulence were used to create a feeling of wealth and prosperity.

Lynx-success-story Success-Story-Lynx

The Results

The campaign registered incredible results within a short period of time.

Lynx - Results_resived

ROI was consistently above the goal in the Event Optimization phase. 

Wonseok Chung

"Finding users suitable for our service was difficult when we started in the game industry and Aarki helped us a lot in acquiring high-value users efficiently.

Aarki is the best partner who gives us effective creative ads, provides us with quick feedback on our needs, and helps us work more efficiently."

Wonseok Chung
Chief Marketing Officer linkedin-icon

Lynx Games, situated in Seoul, one of the most technologically-driven cities in the world, builds quality social casino games for multiple platforms, providing its players with a rewarding and exciting modern gaming experience. All their games are created by their highly motivated team of creatives, who craft with state-of-the-art technologies. The slots games that they develop build on traditional casino slots and push the boundaries of what is possible.

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