The Challenge for Shopping Apps

Whatever your specific goal for your Shopping app may be, having an extensive high lifetime value (LTV) user base ultimately helps achieve your goal. Aarki can help you acquire highly engaged shopping app users at an optimal cost.

How Can Aarki Help? 

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Machine Learning

Proprietary Data
Management Platform

Dynamic Creative Optimization

We build predictive user models which forecast the probability of in-app events at the acquisition price set by the customer

The machine learning algorithms are utilized through lookalike audience discovery & targeting and multi-objective optimization

Using Aarki Studio, our proprietary creative suite, we’re able to deliver highly-engaging HTML5 ad creative and multivariate testing

Campaign Startup Process



Creative Strategies

events based
passion point
Passion Point Creative

With dynamic bidding, CPI decreased by 94.17% in a span of two weeks and surpassed the goal by 65.14%. The cost to acquire a new buyer also decreased by 82.49%, proving that the campaign is not only effective in enticing ad viewers to install the shopping app but also to complete a purchase. Results also showed 2.5x greater CTR and 20x better CR.
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Elevate your mobile app marketing!

Rise above the Shopping category saturation and make your app stand out to your target audience.  At Aarki, our goal is to help you grow and re-engage your mobile users, and to work with you every step of the way. We’re excited to partner with you to achieve your ROI goals!