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Grab your ultimate guides to mobile programmatic
[User Acquisition | Retargeting | Creative | Machine Learning]

In today’s advertising industry, programmatic is one of the primary means in which mobile advertising is traded. But, while most marketers have heard about programmatic advertising, many are confused or unclear about what exactly it is and how it works. This page has access to all the links you will ever need to get a clear understanding of the key programmatic components, the players, and the strategies, so bookmark it now!

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Understanding all about retargeting is imperative if you want to rekindle the interest of your existing app users. To make this process easier, we have prepared a white paper that will guide you towards effective re-engagement. In this white paper you will learn:

• How does retargeting really work? 
• Why is retargeting important?
• Retargeting pillars
• Which retargeting KPIs matter most

Japan Dating Report

Dating App Advertising in Japan

Download our report to win the hearts of Japanese dating app users through winning ad creative strategies and best practices for marketing dating apps in Japan. 

Learn about:

  • Dating app landscape and trends in the Japanese market
  • Valuable insight for marketing dating apps in Japan
  • Creative strategies to help reach - and even exceed - KPIs for mobile programmatic campaigns

Programmatic white paper


Click to download our white paper and get a clear understanding of the key programmatic components, the players in the market, and programmatic strategies.

Find the answers to questions such as:

• What is programmatic advertising?
• How does programmatic advertising work?
• Three types of programmatic advertising
• What is real-time bidding (RTB)? 



Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching, and the season of giving is lifting our spirits. Read on to learn how to deliver more holiday magic to your app users. You will learn: 

• The role of programmatic in holiday season advertising
• Digital trends
• The art and science of holiday creative

User Acquisition Whitepaper


User Acquisition

This white paper aims to provide an understanding of how to successfully leverage programmatic media for your next user acquisition campaign. You will learn about:

• Programmatic user acquisition
• Machine learning models for user acquisition creative strategies
• The Aarki way: getting started with Aarki’s user acquisition strategy • Case study


Creative whitepaper



Without a doubt, one of the most important success factors for app marketing is your creative. We have curated the best creative insights and best practices for you! Learn about:

• Creative strategies for user acquisition
• Creative strategies for re-engagement
• Creative iterations/optimizations
• Creative formats 

Machine Learning whitepaper


Machine Learning

Unpack the impact that machine learning models could have on your next mobile programmatic campaign with Aarki.

• How does machine learning really work?
• Advanced feature engineering of machine learning models
• Models for superior campaign performance
• Machine learning models for retargeting campaigns


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