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[Webinar] Mobile Advertising 101: Trends & Challenges in the Vietnam Market
Vietnam has one of the largest growing mobile industries in Southeast Asia. Ad spend in the ...
Aarki: Who We Are and What We Do
We take pride in our diversity, as we know that it’s a key driver of innovation and creativity. Learn more about Aarki and our culture!
Aarki's Creative Capabilities
Our creative team will provide you with enticing, data-driven ad creative backed by our deep repository of creative learnings.
How Aarki Studio Scales Your UA Campaign
We at Aarki use our proprietary AI-enabled marketing platform to help you scale and reach your mobile marketing KPIs.
Aarki Encore: Creative Design Suite
Aarki's advanced dynamic creative optimization platform that boosts ad engagement and ROI.
Introducing: Women in Mobile by Aarki
We put women from our industry under the spotlight to talk about their personal stories and experiences.
Acquire New High Quality Users with Aarki
Watch this short video to see how Aarki can help grow your high LTV user base.
Booking Your Next Travel App Strategy with Oyo
The travel industry is one of the largest industries across the globe. During 2019, there were 1.5 ...
Fostering Diversity
In times of intolerance and discrimination, we at Aarki continue to promote an environment of love and acceptance.
Aarki's User Acquisition
A well-planned user acquisition campaign is a key strategy to growing your app.
Ad Creative in User Acquisition Campaigns
Attract new users to your app by ramping up your ad creative. Watch this video to catch some tips on how to do that!
Expanding Your Social Networking Community with Dating App
Japan has one of the strongest mobile economies in the world. According to this article, 46% of ...
Process of Mobile Programmatic
Get an in-depth view of how the process of mobile programmatic works.
Navigating Healthcare App Advertising During the Pandemic with mFine
The new decade has brought the whole world into a time of unprecedented upheaval. All countries ...
Holiday Creative Capabilities
Learn how to leverage the best creative strategies for this time of the year.
Growth Strategies for Healthcare Apps featuring 1mg
The mobile healthcare industry is showing continuous growth. Forecasts show that between 2019 and ...
What Can Aarki Do
Learn how Aarki can help you achieve success with your mobile ad campaigns.
Advantages of Mobile Programmatic
Learn how mobile programmatic has helped many of the big mobile apps become successful.
Global Growth Strategies for Gaming Apps with Zynga
Many international mobile gaming companies have extended their reach into India - one of the most ...
Programmatic Connect Digital: Key Pillars to Successfully Market your Mobile Game to a Global Audience
Mobile gaming has skyrocketed and is yet to see its growth slowing down. It made up 60% of the ...
Programmatic Connect Digital: Re-engagement Basics with Jam City
In the past few years, the mobile programmatic industry has experienced a tremendous growth in the ...
Programmatic Connect Digital: User Acquisition Strategies for Social Casino Apps
Social Casino games are experiencing a steady rise in usage amongst mobile gamers across the globe. ...
Programmatic Connect Digital: Creative Tips to Gain Users for Social Casino Apps
Prepare to get creative with tips and strategies from Social Casino app expert, Wayne Qin, User ...