Programmatic Native Advertising Gets A Boost With Aarki Encore’s New Features

Mountain View, Calif. (PRWEB) - May 5, 2016

Aarki announces several new features added to its proprietary mobile advertising platform -- Aarki Encore -- aimed at providing further support to native advertising. These additions broaden Aarki’s access to native media inventory and enable the company to effectively scale its native ad delivery.

The Aarki Encore platform enables mobile advertisers to easily develop and select creative variants for native ads. The platform now provides a wider range of access to native media inventory across major ad exchanges, including Google’s DoubleClick AdX and MoPub. In response to real-time bidding (RTB), the selected native assets can now be sent directly to publishers.

The platform also supports more advanced ad bidding rules. This new feature allows Aarki to target different publishers for each creative variant in a campaign. Instead of creating multiple versions of the same ad creative, a single creative can be sent to different publishers based on exchange agreements. This minimizes creative production and revision times, making the process efficient and agile. Combined with robust multivariate creative testing, this process enables Aarki to drive stronger campaign performance.

As the popularity of native ads grows, Aarki is expanding its already cutting edge technology to capture this new market demand. The company has already been leveraging machine learning technology to do better audience lookalike targeting and publisher matching in programmatic advertising. With the addition of these new features, the company can now extend these advanced targeting capabilities to native advertising as well.

“As a leading provider of programmatic mobile advertising solutions, we have significantly expanded Aarki Encore to better meet the demand for native ads.” said Sid Bhatt, ceo of Aarki, “Our sustained innovation combined with superior machine learning technology allows us to deliver stronger return on investment to our clients across all ad formats.”


About Aarki

Aarki is transforming mobile app marketing through unified optimization of creative and media. It delivers superior results using proprietary machine learning technology for performance optimization. The company's customer base includes leading brands, agencies, and app developers. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Aarki is a global company with offices in Beijing, Manila, Tokyo, and Yerevan. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter: @aarkimobile. 



Raj Misra

svp and global head of marketing