Multivariate Optimization of Mobile Ads Poised to Drive Up Ad Performance

Aarki Encore introduces a game changing technology that enables mobile advertisers to automatically generate and optimize an unlimited number of ad creatives.

Mountain View, Calif. (PRWEB) March 27, 2015 Aarki announces the addition of multivariate creative optimization to its mobile advertising platform, Aarki Encore. This allows mobile advertisers to put optimization of their creative on autopilot and takes ad performance to a whole new level. Agencies and brands who are early adopters of this technology should be poised to achieve significant market differentiation. 

Creative platforms have traditionally been disconnected from the performance optimization loop. The current creative optimization process requires the advertiser to design at least two separate creative variants, traffic them over a period of time, compare performance, and then set up the winner to run across the board. The process is slow, allows only a few variants to be tested, and is prone to manual errors. While some platforms allow partial automation of this process, none has the ability to run fully automated large scale tests with thousands of variants. Aarki Encore solves this problem.

With Aarki Encore, advertisers can now conduct simple A/B tests or run dynamically optimized campaigns with infinite number of variants. The variants get automatically shuffled by complex algorithms that use data coming from various feeds and actual user behaviour to dynamically serve the optimal creative.

Highlights of Aarki Encore’s multivariate creative optimization capability include:

  • Simple, flexible process for creating the initial ad and defining element variations
  • Element variations include both static visual properties as well as object behavior such as reaction to user actions and animations
  • Ability to specify inclusive and exclusive constraints, and review each configuration individually
  • Flexible rule-based flight management
  • Ability to set rules based on dynamic data such as date, day of week, time of day, users, devices, location, weather, and scores of other variables
  • Goal-based optimization
  • Detailed flight analytics with deep data and insights
  • Easily repeatable process that leverages prior learning

“Multivariate optimization is a game changer for brands and agencies. Mobile advertisers today are forced to preselect a very small set of ad creatives that they can test," says Sid Bhatt, CEO. “Aarki has solved this problem by providing the industry’s first multivariate creative optimization capability, which automates creation and optimization of an unlimited number of creative variants. This is likely to take mobile ad performance to a whole new level."

About Aarki 

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