Mobile User Acquisition Significantly Accelerated Through Social Advertising With Aarki

Aarki's machine learning technology and creative optimization have helped Voltage Entertainment USA significantly accelerate the user acquisition for Astoria Fate’s Kiss, its new visual romance novel app that lets users romance Greek Myths in modern day New York City. Through a focused social campaign, Aarki helped Voltage Entertainment USA obtain a high volume of quality app users at a low cost per install (CPI).

Several ad creatives were developed for Astoria Fate’s Kiss and published on the Facebook mobile ad platform. Predictive machine learning technology was then used to identify the high-performing audience groups to target and the best performing creatives for these target groups. Using this learning, Aarki implemented weekly optimization plans that included changing the creative and identifying the best target audiences.

As a result of the weekly optimization, Aarki delivered over half of the target users during just the first week of the campaign. The installation goal was reached in the second week and the number of users continued to rise over the following weeks. By the end of the month long campaign phase, Voltage Entertainment USA surpassed its user acquisition target by 90%, reduced the CPI by 60%, and achieved a significant improvement in ROI.

“Aarki’s social platform advertising combined with the granular targeting capability have delivered results that far exceed our expectations,” said Mitch Ueno, general manager at Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc. “Through the social campaign that Aarki ran, Astoria Fate’s Kiss was able to generate a high volume of quality app users at a CPI well below the industry average.”

Aarki’s social platform advertising not only provides access to Facebook inventory but to all the leading social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram. This broad-based social media access allows Aarki to use machine learning technology for publishing the best creative and targeting ads across the social media platforms that best support the campaign objectives.

“At Aarki, we use machine learning to continually optimize campaign performance across all major social media platforms,” said Sid Bhatt, CEO of Aarki, “By deploying the best performing creatives to highly targeted audiences on Facebook, we were able to deliver superior results to Voltage Entertainment.”

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