Leaving No Creative Behind – Engineering a Path for Retailers and Brands into Location-Based Mobile Advertising

Mountain View, Calif., February 27, 2015 – Aarki announces a set of location-based features and capabilities built to seamlessly function on ad units displayed across all mobile, desktop and tablet environments. The feature set was built with the intention to help bridge a gap for retailers creating a digital presence and brands building brick-and-mortar visibility. A select group of agencies, networks and publishers including Retailigence, AdsLive Media and Trend Media Group are already working in Aarki Encore to build localized ad units.

As the digital revolution took over the advertising industry, retailers were left looking for a way to hack their way into digital without leaving brick-and-mortar traditions behind. While brands found a gateway for storytelling and selling in digital, they struggle to connect all the valuable online branding to the physical locations where consumers can purchase products. Aarki Encore allows retailers and brands a solution with the ability to build localized ad units easily and in a fraction of the time. Creating and flighting exciting new ads requires no prior visual design or advertising experience and can easily be accomplished by any marketer.

The industry’s leading video and content-based advertising platform, Aarki Encore, includes a vast range of easy-to-use localization features: dynamic distance, map widget, inventory data feeds, coupons, weather and more. Each feature follows Aarki’s core philosophy of creating a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use product, enabling high performing creative in just minutes.

In Aarki Encore, advertisers can choose to either map their users to locations based on a Google search or upload their own addresses with a CSV file. The option to upload with a CSV file allows advertisers to safeguard against irrelevant Google searches and showcase locations of strategic importance. Any combination of address, phone number, business hours or dynamic distance can be placed anywhere on the ad for each location mapped, providing flexibility on how the creative is displayed and rendered. With retail inventory data and Aarki Encore, advertisers can build ad units that dynamically populate inventory of a particular product in surrounding stores, using a drag-and-drop widget.

Aarki’s CEO Sid Bhatt notes, “Localization is at its prime for developing into an advertising industry norm. It is a bridge between physical retail stores and ecommerce. In Aarki Encore, we have introduced a robust combination of strong ad localization technology and extensive partnerships to accelerate the development of this bridge. ”

About Aarki

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