Four Leading Ad Agencies in Japan Establish Strategic Partnerships with Aarki

Mountain View, Calif., December 17, 2014 – Four leading Japanese advertising agencies – Septeni, GMO TECH, Omnibus and Interspace – will now be leveraging Aarki’s mobile creative optimization and media buying suite to bring new interactive advertising formats and optimize ad performance in Japan.

As thought leaders, these agencies have always been at the forefront of adopting new mobile technologies. Aarki’s partnership with these agencies is expected to open up several new and exciting ad markets in Japan. With the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s influence in Japan, the market is beginning to develop standards for native, rich media and video advertisements. This standardization will allow agencies to adopt a universal set of creative design and flight tools, thereby decreasing the operational cost of deploying video and interactive advertising.

This announcement comes within a few months of Aarki’s launch of a Japanese language version of Aarki Encore - its creative design, media buying, and ad optimization platform. Aarki has received funding from several prominent Japanese companies including SV Frontier, Interspace, and Scrum Ventures.

“We are happy to announce our partnerships with these four leading Japanese ad agencies. Japanese consumers are looking for more engagement in their mobile ad experiences and advertisers need a way to scale these formats quickly,” says Sid Bhatt, CEO of Aarki. “Our partners will now be able to create rich, engaging mobile ads within minutes.”

Aarki Encore, available in English, Japanese, and Chinese, excels at delivering joyful video and content-based ads on mobile. The web-based platform offers a rich set of drag-and-drop widgets that allow creative teams to scale creative concepts in minutes and track ad performance in real-time. Features such as animation timeline, video frame sequencing and gamification are paired with clean UI and familiar keyboard shortcuts to help designers build quality ads quickly. Every interaction with the ad is measured real-time, providing agencies the ability to optimize creative on the fly.

“Aarki’s partnership with these four companies is a sign that our globally trusted mobile ad platform has found a foothold in Japan,” remarked Hiro Kurata, who spearheads Business Development for Aarki Japan. “Together with our first-rate partners, we are pioneering video ads and rich media in Japan. We plan to work relentlessly to keep our position at the head of this revolution.”

About Aarki 
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