Aarki’s Integration With Google AdX and 12 Other Major Exchanges Drives Scalability In Programmatic Media Delivery

Aarki announced today that it is now integrated with all the 13 major global ad exchanges. This integration broadens Aarki’s access to a wide range of global media inventory. It enables Aarki to further optimize programmatic media and deliver better, more scalable user acquisition campaigns to mobile app marketers.

The major ad exchanges Aarki is integrated with include Google’s DoubleClick AdX, BrightRoll, LiveRail, MoPub, Nexage, and Rubicon. Through these integrations, Aarki has access to valuable user behavior data on their global media inventory. Aarki’s machine learning algorithms can now submit API-based queries and listen in on a variety of parameters on these ad exchanges. These parameters enable our analysts to gain insights to further improve the accuracy of the user targeting models. These models are then utilized to develop rules for real-time bidding. The wide selection of media combined with sophisticated machine learning technology enables Aarki to bid on high quality inventory that allows its clients to achieve greater ROI.

Aarki is already taking advantage of these integrations and has seen significant lifts on all its campaigns in recent days. The analysis of ad exchange parameters allows Aarki to improve its user models and define bidding rules for programmatic media that are optimized for user targeting in a particular region. As a result, Aarki’s clients are able to rapidly increase their app installs within a short time span.

“These integrations allow Aarki to deliver programmatic media at a scale that can be met by few others in the industry. They open up more inventories and provide more data for us to analyze,” said Sid Bhatt, CEO of Aarki, “This allows us to target the ads more accurately and bid more selectively, thereby ensuring that the greatest ROI is delivered to our clients.”

For more information on Aarki, please contact Raj Misra at media@aarki.com.

About Aarki 
Aarki is transforming mobile app marketing by unifying creative optimization and programmatic media. It delivers superior results using proprietary machine learning technology for performance optimization. The company's customer base includes leading brands, agencies, and app developers. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Aarki is a global company with offices in Beijing, Manila, New York City, Tokyo, and Yerevan. For more information, please visit http://www.aarki.com or follow us on Twitter:@aarkimobile.