Aarki Supports First-Price Auction Alongside Second-Price Auction

Aarki, a leading AI-enabled mobile marketing platform, today announces that it now supports first-price auctions alongside second-price auctions. While much of web-based programmatic supply transitioned to first-price auctions over two years ago, 2019 was the year when mobile in-app inventory moved to first-price. 

“As the mobile programmatic ecosystem transitions to first-price auctions, Aarki has developed bidding models to support both first- and second-price auction mechanics while achieving performance at scale for our clients,” said Nicol Cseko, VP of Product at Aarki. “We have seen first-hand that first-price auctions can help our publisher partners maximize the value of their inventory without lessening the performance of our advertiser’s marketing campaigns.”

Aarki has developed a proprietary first-price bid optimization strategy to help mobile performance advertisers transition to first-price auctions without overpaying in a first-price world. With first-price auctions often positioned as a benefit to publishers, the implication for advertisers was an expectation that they will pay more for each ad impression, impacting the effectiveness of their marketing budgets. Advertisers on Aarki’s mobile marketing platform saw a seamless transition to first-price auctions, with some first-price auctions outperforming second-price auctions to achieve a 24% higher return on investment (ROI). 

In Q4 2019, nearly 45% of all impressions transacted by Aarki were bought through first-price auctions across key exchange partners, with Google Ad Manager, Adcolony, and AppLovin leading the way in mobile in-app, first-price supply.

About Aarki
Aarki helps companies grow and re-engage their mobile users, using machine learning (AI), big data, and engaging creative. We strive to deliver performance at scale across different marketing objectives to meet the target return on investment. Our data offer deep insights into user intent and usage habits. To drive performance, we activate our data assets through proprietary machine learning algorithms and engage users in real-time with personalized creative. Aarki has been recognized by The American Business Awards, Red Herring 100, Internet Advertising Competition, Deloitte's Technology Fast 500, The Drum Advertising Awards US, Horizon Interactive Awards, Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, and The Wires by Exchange Wire. For more information, please visit www.aarki.com or follow us on Twitter: @aarkimobile.