Aarki Announces Integrations With Major Audience Data Management Platforms

Aarki, a leading AI-enabled mobile marketing platform, has made it easy for mobile marketers to retarget and profitably reengage their users, by announcing integrations with major audience management platforms - Adjust, AppsFlyer, mParticle, and Singular.

“These partnerships allow us to offer our clients the most efficient way to reach their audiences,” said Nicol Cseko, VP of Product at Aarki. “The fully-automated data transfer process, audience list creation in under seconds, and granular segmentation make it easier for advertisers to effectively engage their target market using optimal media strategies and highly personalized messages to their audiences. Further, advertisers maintain control of the data they share with marketing partners, with the ability to remove or add audiences in real-time.”

With these integrations, Aarki can apply the advertisers’ user attribute data to dynamically optimize creative messaging and enable truly personalized advertising. Marketers using these product capabilities in their mobile retargeting and reengagement initiatives are seeing strong ROI performance and efficiency.

“Adjust’s Global Benchmarks tool shows nearly 80% of users churn the day after installing an app, so finding and retaining the right users is critical. Luckily, our Audience Builder makes targeting, retargeting, and segmentation easy, all while maintaining the utmost respect for users’ data privacy. We’re very pleased to have our product integrated with all the top DSPs like Aarki, so they can effectively retarget audiences for our clients and dramatically improve their return on ad spend.”
Paul H. MüllerAdjust co-founder and CTO 

“Our strong partnership with Aarki allows our mutual customers to benefit from seamless audience management and optimal creative capabilities to ensure maximized efficiency and programmatic delivery.”
Sean Hailer, Partner Development Manager

"mParticle’s Audience Builder allows brands like King, NBC, and Spotify to execute complex segmentation in real-time to improve marketing efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experiences. mParticle’s platform dynamically manages thousands of audiences across our customer base, while connecting more than 3B user records to 75+ of the leading marketing systems—all while respecting our customers’ consent choices.”
Craig Kelly, Head of Product

“Rebuilt in consultation with the world’s best marketers at globally-recognizable brands, Singular’s Audience Management solution automatically refreshes audience segments on an hourly basis, ensuring brands send only the right messages to the right people, at the right time.”
Jonathan Chen, Director of Product

About Aarki
Aarki helps companies grow and re-engage their mobile users, using machine learning (AI), big data, and engaging creative. We strive to deliver performance at scale across different marketing objectives to meet the target return on investment. Our data offers deep insights into user intent and usage habits. To drive performance, we activate our data assets through proprietary machine learning algorithms and engage users in real-time with personalized creative. For more information, please visit www.aarki.com or follow us on Twitter: @aarkimobile

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