Women in Tech Throughout History, to Name a Few

Women in tech throughout history, to name a few

Within a male-dominated industry, the accomplishments of women can sometimes be overlooked. Many women have contributed to the mobile and tech industry, and many are pioneers for new technologies. We have a long list to recognize, and to start, here are a few female trailblazers that left their mark in the tech industry: Nicole-Reine Lepaute, Ada Lovelace, Women Computers at the Harvard College Observatory, Grace Hopper, World War II Human Computers, Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, Jean E. Sammet, Margaret Hamilton, Mary Wilkes, Carol Kantor, Carol Shaw, Qiheng Hu, and Chieko Asakawa. 

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We at Aarki want to continue to bring more women under the spotlight. With that, we have our Women in Mobile series which features some of the inspirational women in adtech who are impactful, innovative leaders. Read more about it here

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