Meet Lolita Ho, One of the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry


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Senior SDR (Business Development) at AppsFlyer 

Dream big, take the opportunity and go for it!” 

Lolita Ho is a Senior Sales Development Representative (SDR) at AppsFlyer, a SaaS mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform. Her interest in performance marketing and customer experience led to a fascination with creative mobile campaigns and marketing measurement. Lolita is a dynamic information technology professional with an MA focused on Business Administration and Management, from Shinawatra University in Pathum Thani, Thailand.

She shares her viewpoints and experiences that helped her climb the ladder of success, both as a professional and as an individual. Lolita also shares her thoughts on the importance of having women leaders in our industry.

Q: What sparked your interest in starting a career in the mobile adtech industry?
There’s something about the convergence of performance marketing and customer experience that’s always interested me. I’ve always been fascinated by creative mobile campaigns and how they’re received by the end-user. As I started scratching the surface, I discovered this beautiful world of marketing measurement - all the dynamism and geekiness of it! 

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self that would help you in your current career?
“Hey Lolita, If not now, then when? Dream big, take the opportunity, and go for it! Trust your gut. You can do it, girl!”

It would be nice if I could travel back in time and share a bit of advice with my younger self and change a few things. Nevertheless, it shaped me into who I am today and I'm thankful for all the tough roads and lessons along the way.

Q: How do you champion a new idea or strategy in your workplace?
I’m grateful to be working at an organization like AppsFlyer that champions new ideas and diversity of thought. But I’m not saying we live in a fantasy land where every new idea  is magically manifested. When you’re privileged enough to be in an open-minded workplace, hard work truly shines. And that means every pitch must be heavily researched, backed by solid data, and armed with a laser focus strategy.

Q: What do you think are the top trends that will shape the mobile adtech industry in the years to come?
No question. It’s already happening now and will just be further galvanized in the months and years to come - the focus on privacy centric-marketing measurement. 

“Diversity across all functions, backgrounds and practices leads to immeasurable improvements and successes.”

Q: Can you list 3 reasons why the world needs more women in leadership roles?

  • It’s been proven time and again that diversity across all functions, backgrounds, and practices leads to immeasurable improvements and successes. 
  • Representation matters because it sends a powerful message, especially to later generations. 
  • Women just kick a$s! Need I say more? :)

Q: What do you like to do during the weekends to unwind? 
Bangkok, where I'm currently residing, is well known for offering amazing massages & spa services and I believe it’s the best way to unwind and enjoy quality “me time.” I also love art. I spend lots of time painting different shades of skies and sceneries. On weekends, I like to wander around the city and take photos with my film camera. I love the aesthetic feel of the imperfect and unique film camera, it captures the moment beautifully and remains timeless.

Q: What is your favorite line from a poem or song?
“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” by Kelly Clarson. It gets me through a lot of tough and stressful times. Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn, right? This line motivates me to try a bit harder and encourages me to keep moving forward.


Q: Which holiday is your favorite and why?
I love Christmas the most. I love everything about this most festive time of the year. All the members of my family usually gather and prepare for Christmas a few weeks in advance. The decoration, cool breeze, and beautiful carols on every corner of the street, just make me feel extraordinarily happy. One of the reasons why Christmas is my favorite holiday is the excitement and joy when we exchange gifts and unwrap those presents. I'm happy when everyone around me is happy, and I love those joyful smiles on their faces, that just makes the holiday so much better, doesn't it? “It's the most beautiful time of the year. Lights fill the streets, spreadin' so much cheer” 

Q: What is your favorite piece of technology?
Mobile phones. Without a smartphone, I wouldn’t be where I'm today. *Laugh* I can remember clearly how I was so fascinated by this small device when I got my hand on my first smartphone given by my mom. We can’t deny its massive impact on our social lives, global economy and environment. 

Q: Who or what is your source of inspiration?
Successful women around me and in the industry and positive people in general. Seeing their success, their different points of views, and hearing their experiences is really useful and at the same time motivate me in daily life. I love to surround myself with positive and determined people, as I believe their energies are contagious.

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