Women in Mobile by Aarki: Q1 2021 Recap

Women in Mobile by Aarki: Q1 2021 Recap

The mobile adtech industry is a male-dominated industry, but the gender gap is slowly closing. We at Aarki, for a couple of years now, have used our platform to recognize amazing women who are powerhouses in the industry, to contribute to bridging that gap. Our Women in Mobile series aims to empower women through sharing the stories of their female peers.

We want to inspire the women in our growing community to keep making strides to shape this industry for the better, through a common theme: self-love. Our view is that confidence and empowerment stems from self-love, which is why we feel it as something important to uphold.

The theme of self-love is prominent in our features for Q1 of 2021:

  • Claire Rozain

    Claire Rozain expressed self-love when she answered what the best piece of advice that was given to her is. She mentioned that it was to be yourself. Claire further explained that it was shared to her by her sister, who she admires a lot, and credits to have played a major role for her personal growth.
    Claire Rozain
  • Milagros Pirali

    For Milagros Pirali, her manifestation of self-love is to always believe in yourself by taking chances. One of her realizations after the quarantine last year was that, “If you really feel you want to do something, but you’re scared of giving the first step, do it with fear. I’d rather live with knowing that I made a mistake rather than not doing something!”

Milagros PiraliWe continued to share and highlight the thoughts of some more women leaders from our industry who were featured in our previous Women in Mobile articles. During Valentine’s Day, we published testimonials from a few of our 2019 Women in Mobile features because we wanted to inspire other women to believe that Valentine’s season is often associated with romantic love, but self-love is important as well for empowerment.

March was Women’s History Month, so we advocated for self-love among women through sponsoring and organizing events that allow women to inspire each other through their unique stories and experiences. We sponsored and attended App Growth Summit’s SpeakHer Virtual Summit, a great event that aims to connect and support women speakers, and amplify the voices of industry thought leaders that have not yet been given the public recognition they deserve.

Our very first Women in Mobile event kickstarted on March 25, wherein we had a night filled with cocktails and conversations with fellow women leaders about their experiences and insights on working in the mobile industry. You could read more about it here.

Aarki aims to strengthen our initiatives to spread self-love among women that would manifest into empowerment. Watch our video below to learn more about our initiative.


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