Women in Mobile: 2021 in a Nutshell

Aarki's Women in Mobile 2021 Recap

We at Aarki believe that we can make a difference in our industry by using our platform to promote diversity and inclusion and help create an environment that supports gender equality. We started Women in Mobile in 2018 as a way to elevate the voices of impactful, innovative people in the mobile industry. Through interviews about their perspective on industry trends and views on diversity, we were able to inspire others in the community through their stories and experiences. Ultimately, our aim is to raise awareness about the need for more diversity and inclusivity in our industry.

We had some great features in 2021: Claire Rozain, Milagros Pirali, Kavitha Gadde, April Tayson, Olivia Sears, DJ Sabate, Celine Mendoza, Christina Wein, Iris Hu, Milica Todorovic, and Lolita Ho. Although their answers varied, there was a common theme: staying true to yourself. They represented that by showing your authentic self, it transcends both personal and professional lives and is a state of being that is very empowering, and inspires others to do the same.

Aarki Women in Mobile features 2021

Apart from having great features this year, we were also able to celebrate important milestones.

In early 2021, we hosted our Women in Mobile Happy Hour event which brought together the industry’s top mobile marketers to have a roundtable discussion over cocktails. It was great to get together (virtually) and discuss how to balance life and work during the pandemic. We look forward to hosting more events like this in the future as our community continues to grow.

Aarki Women in Mobile Happy Hour Event

Another 2021 milestone is that we created a separate webpage dedicated to Women in Mobile, which gave a larger voice to this initiative of ours. We made sure to highlight each of our features for visitors to easily view and get updated on their stories. An important update is our new nomination form where anyone in our industry can nominate a peer who they think would be a perfect fit with our Women in Mobile initiative, contributing to the growth of our community.

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Our deep commitment to diversity and inclusion led us to start WIM+. This gives us a platform to expand our features to include a broad range of outstanding individuals and deserving allies who uphold gender equality, women empowerment, and diversity in our industry, regardless of their identity. By widening the scope of our features, we can provide a platform for more people to raise their voices and start conversations that are seldom heard within the mobile tech industry. We are proud to have these amazing people as our first WIM+ features: Olivia Sears, DJ Sabate, and Claire Rozain.

Aarki WIM+ features 2021

Meet more of our Women in Mobile features through the video below as they share valuable advice to those who want to start a career in the mobile adtech industry. 

We hope that through this initiative of ours, we can encourage people to also speak up and champion inclusivity, as well as to inspire other people to do the same. Visit our webpage to learn more about Women in Mobile.

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