Women Behind Aarki


Women are hard-workers and this is a fact. A few that come to mind are empowering ladies like Michelle Obama, Melinda Gates, Malala Yousafzai, and Greta Thunberg. They like to set goals and achieve milestones. They fight for what they believe in even when times are tough.

At Aarki, we have the freedom to succeed and we’re incentivized to face changes and to leave our comfort zone. This brings out all our strong qualities and skills. We find energy in learning and discovering new possibilities. And we pursue excellence by setting high standards for what we deliver and how we do it. 

Aarki is not a job, it is a means for us to shake things up – to change the status quo. The women behind Aarki play a key role in our continued success. We asked our women leaders their thoughts on working at Aarki and the mobile industry in general. 

“Aarki sits at the intersection of Adtech and Mobile Marketing and has a formidable position as a global leader. Bringing my years of advertising and sales leadership experience to the management team here at Aarki has been a fulfilling experience for me. I've grown professionally by leading the team to think through new processes, internal efficiency and sales best practices. Aarki focuses on lean growth, and provides an opportunity to employees who want to stretch their professional capabilities to really impact the bottom line. Additionally, with Aarki's support, my exposure in the industry through event participation and thought leadership events, is supporting my growth as an ecosystem leader.” - Kim Carlson, VP of Sales - North America

Aarki has been very supportive of women-related initiatives. Aarki provides equal opportunities to both men and women employees like training opportunities and representing the company. I am extremely grateful that my company supports this kind of initiative, which I deeply value.” - Kim Aquino, Director of Business Development

aarki-women-gif4“Aarki empowers me with the trust of the management to set goals for my team, decide on strategies and envision together with the other leaders where we want Aarki to be - at the forefront of mobile marketing and advertising.” - Claire Cruz, Director of Client Services - Asia

During my years at Aarki, I have been entrusted with responsibilities where I can exercise leadership. What I appreciate most is that Aarki provides an environment where there is gender diversity and I am recognized based on my performance.” - Carla Adraque, Senior Manager of Sales

Aarki has helped me grow in this industry through learning from mentors. I focus on what I can contribute to the company as an individual. As long as we have the right mindset, there is no way gender or inequalities can take success away from you.” - Joanna Escueta, Senior Manager of  Analytics

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“Aarki offers opportunities and experiences to everyone without discrimination due to gender (or age, culture, or religion), be it training, speaking opportunities, mentorships, or team activities. The growing voice of gender equality in the mobile industry has motivated women at Aarki, including me, to continue to excel and work towards success.” - Fellese Co, Director of Marketing

“Being able to take full responsibility for my team and creative strategy for our campaigns empowers me and makes me feel like my opinions are respected. Working alongside women in management positions in Aarki inspires me to work harder.” - Kass Yboa, Creative Director

aarki-women-gif2“Women make up a minority of the tech workforce, and the importance of our roles remain largely unrecognized. Impactful solutions start with cultivating diverse employees and empowering women to address and undertake issues. Being generous and helping others has led to broader learning and greater productivity and success.” - Kristina Kern, Director of Client Services - NA & EMEA

“The biggest challenge I have ever faced working in the ad tech industry has been balancing my work and life. There were times where I needed to allocate a good portion of my family time to work since the mobile advertising industry is growing at an enormously fast pace and you need to work hard to qualify. I did overcome this with the help of Aarki and found a good work-life balance due to working with true professionals. There’s always enough time if you manage it wisely.” - Shushan Saribekyan, Software Engineer

Get inspired, make a difference, think globally, and act locally!
From all of us at Aarki, Happy International Women's Day! 


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