Why Video Ads are the Way to Go for Mobile

Why video ads are the way to go for mobile

With more brands going digital, it is increasingly important for your ad to stand out. There is so much competing content on every device and in every channel, which is why the attention spans of users are now shorter and more dispersed. A great way to cut through this clutter is through video ads.

Case Study 

MobilityWare contacted Aarki to understand how view-attributed app installs affect machine learning bid predictions for their mobile app, Pyramid Solitaire. View-through attribution (VTA) is a way to track installs (or other important events) for users who do not click on an ad creative, but have actions that can be traced back to seeing a particular ad. As a solution, our creative team made numerous video and display variants, which were tested across publishers that are VTA enabled. 

The data we gathered showed that install rates improved and attracted higher-quality users when video was used. Video ads saw a lift in installs of 11.98% and a CPI decrease of 10.66%. But display ads only had an install lift of 9.04% and a CPI decrease of 8.24%. Read more about our success story here

Why are video ads so effective?

  1. Most favored by users

There really is no ad format quite like video. A recent study showed that online video, TV, and social media news feeds are among the most favored ad channels by consumers. This is because video ads are perceived to be more entertaining compared to static ones. 

Have you considered placing video ads in mobile games? Users during this pandemic have turned to their mobile phone for entertainment. According to Business of Apps, gamers had an increase of 62% in time spent playing games, and nine out of ten said that they are willing to watch a video ad to receive rewards. Rewarded video works well because the transition from the game to the ad is seamless, and gamers are willing to watch an ad if it means that they will get something out of it, like extra lives or more coins. 

Gaming creative ad GIF

  1. Translates to sales 

Video ads are proven to drive results. A study finds that videos ads have sales rates up to 48% higher compared to static ads, which makes them a key promotional tool, especially for peak shopping seasons like Black Friday. A quick tip: include text in the beginning of your video. Video ads that show text in the first 3 seconds have 46% increase in purchases compared to those without. 

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  1. Variety of different formats 

With new mobile screens and formats available, video has evolved from what it was before, allowing more creative freedom. Today’s technology allows ads to have virtual showrooms, 360 degree panoramic views, product galleries, and more! This provides advertisers with the opportunity to create virtual experiences for users, which is important now more than ever. 

Card game ad creative in portrait modeCard game ad creative in landscape mode

Video ads provide a level of entertainment that other ad formats cannot. They are an effective way to entice your users whilst generating sales. Also, with so many formats to choose from, you have the freedom to really push the boundaries of creative design. At Aarki, we create engaging video ads that help catapult your mobile app up the charts. 

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