White Paper: Machine Learning for Mobile Advertising


With the global increase of mobile and internet penetration and the growing number of apps installed on mobile devices, a vast amount of data is available for mobile marketers. Through Machine Learning (ML) powered advertising platforms, marketers are now able to use Machine Learning to leverage data effectively and connect with their target audience. But what does ML really mean for mobile advertising? 

Machine learning systems can automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. They help advertisers automate optimization and targeting at scale.

This whitepaper aims to provide an understanding of the role of machine learning in mobile advertising and unpack the impact machine learning models could have on your next mobile programmatic campaign with Aarki. 

In this white paper you will learn:

  • How does machine learning really work?
  • Models for superior campaign performance
    • Install optimization model
    • Multiplicative model
    • Pointwise Mutual Information (PMI) model
  • Machine learning models for retargeting campaigns
  • Why Aarki for your next mobile programmatic campaign

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Topics: Machine Learning