White Paper: A Beginner's Guide to Programmatic


Programmatic continues to propel mobile advertising toward new efficiencies that enable better results for app marketers and developers alike.

In today’s advertising industry, programmatic is one of the main ways in which mobile advertising is traded. But while most marketers have heard about programmatic advertising, many are confused or unclear about what it is exactly and how it works. 

This white paper will help you get a clearer understanding of key programmatic components and how they interact with one another.   

In this white paper you will learn: 

  • What Is Programmatic Advertising?
  • How Does Programmatic Advertising Work?
  • Three Types of Programmatic Advertising
  • What Is Real-time Bidding (RTB)?
  • How does RTB work?
  • What is a Second Price Auction?
  • What is a First Price Auction? 

Download the White Paper

This is just your first guide to programmatic. Stay tuned for our upcoming white papers to get a better understanding of hot topics in mobile programmatic.


Topics: Marketplace Insights