[Webinar] Scaling UA Performance for Mobile Apps Globally

Russia Webinar with Aarki SocialPeta User Growth Global Reach

Aarki is thrilled to have partnered with SocialPeta for our latest webinar Scaling UA Performance for Mobile Apps Globally, held September 2nd. We shared our thoughts, tips, and strategies, with the Russian audience, for growing their user base through reaching global markets while answering their concerns on promoting on Google Play, keeping up with changes for UA campaigns, recommendations for running SKAN campaigns, and many more.

Russia is showing great potential as a growing mobile advertising market. By 2021, the country is forecasted to reach US $1.3B for programmatic advertising spend at the end of the year. Surveyed by IAB Russia, advertisers in Russia confirmed that mobile is one of the most important platforms for promotion, making it a key part of their campaigns.

Scaling UA Performance for Mobile Apps Globally Aarki SocialPeta Webinar for Russia Audience

An overview of the mobile industry market
Introducing the current landscape of mobile advertising in Russia, SocialPeta tackled the current market and the forecasted growth of the industry. Sergey Zhukovskiy, SocialPeta’s CIS Business Development Manager, provided insights about the mobile industry with an analysis of the market performance, ad creatives, and ad cost.

Achieving successful mobile app growth
Following the discussion on the current landscape of the Russian mobile market, Aarki’s Oleg Eliseev, Sr. Account Executive - Russia, discussed how mobile marketers can advertise their app in the fast-paced and ever-changing industry, with the help of machine learning, data, and creative strategies.

Insights on the current trends and challenges
We wrapped up the webinar with an exciting fireside chat on the current trends marketers should be watching out for and how to adapt to the challenges that we are facing. Quality, transparency, and iOS 14.5 were just some of the topics covered in this discussion.

If you missed the webinar, you can still catch the video on-demand!

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