[Webinar] Mobile Advertising Deep Dive: Vietnam

Mobile Advertising Deep Dive Vietnam webinar MAAS by Affle Aarki AppsFlyer

Aarki partnered with MAAS by Affle and AppsFlyer to bring another webinar to the Vietnam mobile market on September 9th. Their experts did a deep dive into the country’s mobile advertising landscape to share the current industry conditions, how marketers can take advantage of rising trends, and how to combat the market challenges. 

Troy Huynh, Aarki’s Sr. Account Executive, Dung Nguyen, Affle’s Associate Director Business, and KC Nguyen, AppsFlyer’s Customer Success Manager, got together for two insightful sessions. They discussed Vietnam's current mobile advertising landscape, what mobile marketers are looking for, and what advertisers need to know to scale up their campaigns. 

Based on data by We Are Social & Hootsuite, almost the whole population of Vietnam owns a smartphone with only 3% not having one. It’s not surprising that mobile app downloads are up by 2.78 billion with an estimated consumer spend on apps of $290 million last 2020. There is no doubt that Vietnam is a country to watch when it comes to a growing mobile market.

Mobile Advertising Deep Dive Vietnam Mobile Landscape We are Social Hootsuite data

The mobile marketing landscape in Vietnam

The webinar focused on how mobile advertising is developing in Vietnam, and some key aspects marketers need to keep in mind when it comes to growing their app. 

In this exciting discussion, MAAS by Affle shared their unified audience platform that they developed for growing an app’s user base. They covered publisher inventory diversification, ad fraud, and the issue of “plenty” when it comes to the data that marketers receive. 

Aarki discussed the key qualities mobile marketers should look for in a DSP partner. They spoke about finding a partner with a strong algorithmic approach (machine learning and data), capabilities in reporting, scalability, ad creative, and ad fraud prevention. They mentioned trust as one of the most important criteria in finding a media partner. This is the backbone of creating a long-term relationship based on transparency and scalability and should be one of the advertisers’ main goals.

AppsFlyer wrapped up the session with its take on the mobile app challenges that we experience today. From ad fraud and their protective solutions against it, to how they can help cover multiple touchpoints in your marketing plan - they shared their solution for how you can take your data and generate actionable insights through their connected ecosystem.

What mobile marketers are looking for

The team wanted to share insights and strategies into some of the questions that are often heard from Aarki'spartners and clients. In the second session moderated by AppsFlyer, Aarki, and MAAS by Affle tackled common questions on navigating the mobile ecosystem with the right partners, taking data into the marketers' own hands, creating impactful performance outcomes, and their advice when it comes to quality and transparency.

Mobile Advertising Deep Dive Vietnam Aarki MAAS by Affle AppsFlyer Tri Huynh Dung Nguyen KC Nguyen

Don’t fret if you missed the webinar, you can still catch it on-demand!

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