[Webinar] Mobile Advertising 101: Trends & Challenges in the Vietnam Market

Aarki Socialpeta and AppsFlyer logos for the webinar on Mobile advertising in Vietnam

Vietnam has one of the largest growing mobile industries in Southeast Asia. Ad spend in the Vietnamese digital market is forecasted to reach US$339m this year, with 30% of digital ads being purchased through programmatic. 

To cater for the growing opportunities of the mobile market in Vietnam, Aarki partnered with SocialPeta for an informative webinar. Held on June 17th, the goal of the webinar was to educate the growing market on the basic strategies of app marketing through programmatic advertising and to explain the importance of creative performance and analysis. It was a unique experience, sharing new insights with our attendees and getting to understand different perspectives on programmatic-related issues that are unique to the Vietnamese market. AppsFlyer joined the webinar to explain the recent changes in iOS app advertising as well as their solutions to these new challenges. 

Our expert speakers wrapped up the webinar with an open roundtable discussion. They talked about the changing industry and about continuously driving growth, even with the current challenges in the market.

Missed our webinar? Catch up with the video below where we cover the following topics:
    • How to achieve app growth with mobile programmatic advertising
    • Media buying analysis of mobile apps in the SEA region
    • iOS14.5: Optimizing Measurement with SKAdNetwork & beyond

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