Unlocking the Power of Pre-registration / Pre-order Campaigns


The market for mobile apps is becoming increasingly saturated and, as a result, it is becoming more and more challenging to make your app stand out enough to attract more users. Pre-registration - or pre-order campaigns - can help you create a buzz, sparking interest in your app before it's even released. In this infographic we'll explore what pre-registration/pre-order campaigns are, how they work, and the benefits of running these campaigns with Aarki.

What is Pre-registration, pre-order. Infographic

What is Pre-registration / Pre-order?

Pre-registration/pre-order campaigns are marketing initiatives that target potential users before the release of an app. These campaigns aim to build excitement around the upcoming app and encourage users to sign up to be notified when the app is launched. Users can then choose to either manually install the app (Android), or have it automatically installed (iOS) upon release.

Available for both Google Play (Pre-registration) and App Store (Pre-order)

Pre-registration / Pre-order User Flow

  • See and click the Pre-registration ad
  • Pre-register (Android) / Pre-order (iOS)
  • Receive notification
  • Install (Android) / Auto-install (iOS)

Running Pre-registration / Pre-order Campaigns with Aarki

Run pre-registration / pre-order campaigns with Aarki through either a User Acquisition (UA) or a Cross Promotion (CP) campaign. 

User Acquisition: Generate highly engaged users for your new app through our advanced machine learning capabilities and engaging ad creative. Cost per click (CPC) is the metric used to measure the success of your campaign.

Cross Promotion: Target high value or core users of your top app to promote your newest title. Match rate and touch rate are the metrics used to measure the success of the campaign.

User Acquisition and Cross Promotion Campaign Setup

  • UA Targeting
    • App category
    • Publisher appearances
  • UA Suppression
    • Users who clicked on pre-registration campaign creative

  • CP Targeting
    • Spend tier
    • Lapsed users
  • CP Suppression
    • Current active users
    • Users who clicked on pre-registration campaign creative

Creative Touch: Sequential Ads

Sequential advertising and pre-registration/pre-order campaigns complement each other perfectly!

Sequential advertising is a creative strategy that drives user action - such as an install or purchase - using the conversion funnel. It’s the process of showing a series of different creative ads, that extend the narrative of the ad the audience previously saw, establishing a deeper connection between the advertiser and the target audience.

It is a form of storytelling, with an introduction, mounting action, a climax, and a conclusion. 

To promote a gaming app, for example, the sequence of ads can be:

  • Sequence 1: Story Trailer
    Showing a teaser of the game’s mysterious storyline
  • Sequence 2: Gameplay Showcase
    Highlighting the innovative game mechanics

Best Practices:

Start early
  • If you expect your mobile app to generate huge interest, consider starting your pre-registration / pre-order campaign 9 to 12 weeks in advance
    • Google Play 
      • Allows you to start the campaign as early as 90 days before the launch
    • App Store 
      • Allows you to start the campaign as early as 180 days before the launch
Localize the ad creative
  • Speak the language of your targeted users to drive higher conversions

Bottom Line

Pre-registration / pre-order campaigns are a powerful marketing tool that can help you build excitement around your app. You don’t have to wait until your official launch date to capture interest in your app and generate an early install base for your mobile app. Want to give it a try? Shoot us a message here

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