3 Tips to Better Retarget VIP Users

Retarget VIP users

Re-engaging users and keeping them within your app is critical, especially when it comes to your VIPs. Retargeting your high paying users requires a particular strategy and we have compiled some tips on how to do this effectively.  

    1. Choose the right inventory

VIP users are mostly reached through expensive media inventories and thus require high bids. This means the cost per reactivation (CPR) might be high, but the return on investment (ROI) is worth it.

    2. Do not underestimate the creative

Creative is vital for re-engaging VIP users. A proper messaging strategy is key. A proven creative approach for re-engaging VIP users is personalization based on User Level Attributes. This examines the likelihood of users to re-engage based on their various attributes of spend, game level reached, gold bars left, wallet balance, past gaming behavior etc. and dynamically optimizes messages to that individual when the ad is served.

    3. Leverage Frequency Caps

It is not enough to bid aggressively and have highly personalized ads. You need to define your frequency caps so that your target audience does not become ad fatigued. Limit the maximum number of impressions a user can see to once every six hours. This frequency level delivers great re-engagement success and unlocks volume, scale, and profitability.

Retargeting is an incredible way to re-engage your VIP users and encourage them to act. Follow these steps above to improve your app marketing success!

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