Teams Behind a Successful Programmatic User Acquisition Campaign

Teams Behind a Successful Programmatic User Acquisition Campaign

Behind every successful programmatic user acquisition (UA) campaign is a group of hardworking teams, working together towards a unified goal. Each has specific functions that contribute towards crafting a solution to the client’s problem. Aarki’s global team is a diverse mix of different people from various backgrounds, bringing us increased creativity and productivity through collaboration. The teams that are involved in a successful UA campaign are client services, creative, data science, and data analytics teams.

client services

The role of the client services team is to be the point of contact for the client and the middleman between the different teams. It’s crucial for them to understand the clients' business needs and make sure successful communication across all the relevant teams. This ensures that all projects and requests are on track to meet the campaign objectives. Client services strive to develop and maintain long-term strategic relationships with all company accounts. Working closely with the marketing team, they organize events and other initiatives to further nurture client partnerships.

"UA managers liken working with Aarki's client services (CS) and the other teams to working with an advertising agency. Aarki's CS provides fully managed support, to the point that the CS team becomes an extension of our partners' UA team. Collaboration and comprehension with our partners go beyond good communication and they are values our teams strive to achieve."

Kristina Kern
Sr. Director of Client Services - NA & EMEA

creative team

The creative team oversees the planning and ideation of the creative direction for the entire UA campaign. The starting point of every campaign is developing a strong understanding of the client’s app, target market, and goals, which are relayed to them by the client services team. Their goal is to amplify the app’s message in a thumb-stopping way that resonates with targeted users. Once they have a strong campaign idea, they produce multiple enticing creative combinations so that the campaign can be optimized to improve the client’s KPIs.

The creative team plays a huge role in the success of a programmatic UA campaign, as the ad creative is what attracts the attention of users. Their numerous creative optimization techniques and innovative approaches to problem-solving generate a strong impact on the performance uplift of any advertising campaign.

Data science team

Creative optimization goes hand in hand with machine learning, which is the domain of the data science team. The data scientists first orient themselves to the client’s business problem and goals for the campaign before designing a solution. They then create custom machine learning models that ensure the delivery of accurate predictions and target high-value users. Once the models are designed, the data scientists analyze and compare the variations of models and algorithms to deliver the most favorable solution to the client’s campaign problem. When they achieve the optimal model, they hand over the necessary information to the data analytics team to optimize the UA campaign.

“Collaborating with different Aarki teams leads to open-mindedness, which can give way to new and even better ideas. It also serves as an opportunity to work with other people with different skill sets and specializations, which in turn allows everyone to learn from one another and gain new experiences. Lastly, it also allows more room for improvement and encourages each individual to give their best for the success of our clients.”

Claire Cruz
Director of Client Services - Asia

Data analytics team

Data analysts work closely with the data science team to ensure that machine learning models are perfected and that the results are outstanding. They do that by testing the machine learning models and provide feedback on their performance for the data scientists to iterate. Data analysts also set up, manage, and optimize the performance marketing campaigns and provide detailed analyses of the campaign’s performance. They study different areas of optimization. As they look at the performance of the models, they provide creative, publisher, and other analyses needed for the improvement of the campaign. These insights are then shared with all the relevant teams to collaborate and discuss how to move forward and scale up the campaign, to not just meet, but exceed, the clients’ KPIs.

Each team involved has a valuable contribution to make towards a successful programmatic UA campaign. The collaboration process at Aarki is what ensures us better performance and ensures our clients get great results. Our teams thrive on working together towards a common goal and by learning and sharing ideas.

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