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Mobile shopping has gained more and more popularity among users during the pandemic, as it is a safer option for shopping compared to brick-and-mortar stores. According to Statista, mobile shoppers in the US alone will exceed 187 million by 2024. That presents a big opportunity for you to market your Shopping app to so many users. 

To have a deeper understanding about your Shopping app users, it’s important to investigate their lifestyle preferences. Did you know that 51% of those users listen to Pop music, and 55% have Dramas and Soaps as their most preferred TV series genre? In the infographic below, you will see more of their lifestyle preferences. 

Shopping Apps User Lifestyle infographic

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Propensity - Retail 

  • 32% Mass Market and Discount Stores 

General Interest 

  • 12% Green Living 


  • 45% Walmart
  • 32% Sainsburys


  • 24% Popular Chains 

Food & Drink Beverages 

  • 29% Juice 


  • 23% Asian 

Shopping Habits: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

  • 38% Travel 

Social Media 

  • 31% Facebook 
  • 26% Pinterest 

Shopping: Category 

  • 13% Fashion 

Clothes: Fashion Style

  • 32% Outdoor 

Purchase Behaviors: Shopping 

  • 12% Retail 

Tickets: Online Purchase 

  • 60% Movies 

TV Viewership: Categories 

  • 28% Sports 

Streamed Media 

  • 30% Amazon 


  • 29% Romantic 

Electronics: Interest

  • 27% Camera 

Tech: Wearable Tech

  • 57% Smart Watches 

Entertainment: Music 

  • 51% Pop 

Entertainment: Online

  • 38% Music Downloads 


  • 55% Drama and Soaps 

Entertainment: Video Games Genre 

  • 38% Action

Understanding the interests of your users will help you craft your imagery, sound, and create the right messaging that is sure to resonate with your users. It also allows you to know who to target and on what platform. The first part of this infographic series tackled the user demographics of Shopping app users. We uncovered insights about gender, education, job function, and many others. You can take a look at that infographic here

To cap this series off, we will be showing the user ad engagement of Shopping app users. This will help you in your next mobile programmatic campaign by giving you valuable creative insights as to which ad formats and styles users find most engaging. Stay tuned for that! 

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