Shopping Apps: User Demographics

Shopping Apps: User Demographics infographics

The popularity of shopping apps has greatly increased due to the lockdowns brought about by COVID-19. Increasing numbers of consumers prefer to shop online instead of at brick and mortar stores. In fact, 2020 was the biggest year for mobile shopping yet, with $115 billion spent globally during the 11.11 Single’s Day event. 

Based on our study, most shopping app users are suburban females with an income level of $150,000 above. Another interesting thing to note is that 42% of the shopping app user demographic are married. Get to know more about these users in the infographic below:

Infographic Shopping Apps: User Demographics infographic

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  • 56% Female
  • 44% Male


  • 32% University 


  • 56% 25-34
  • 44% 35-44


  • 53% Suburban
  • 34% Urban

Relationship Status

  • 42% Married 

Income Level 

  • 56% $150,000 Plus 
  • 44% $125,000-$149,999

Job Function 

  • 21% Finance 

Job Industry 

  • 27% Hospitality and Retail 

To provide you with more insights on how to better understand your shopping app users, we have prepared a three-part infographic series which tackles user demographics, user lifestyle, and user ad engagement. Knowing your audience at a deeper level will help you stay competitive in a very cluttered market.  

The infographic above takes an in-depth look at shopping app users’ demographics that can help you create better ads that resonate with your audience, to engage with them even more. 

Stay tuned for the second and third part of our infographic series which will be coming out very soon! To learn more about Aarki, shoot us a message here

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