Shopping Apps: Ad Engagement

Shopping Apps Ad Engagement

Even with establishments slowly opening back up again, m-commerce (mobile commerce) is still a preferred shopping method for consumers. According to Insider Intelligence, it is predicted that a 25.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will be seen in m-commerce, reaching $488 billion by 2024. This presents a golden opportunity for mobile marketers to leverage their shopping apps to acquire and retain more users. 

There are several factors that assist in attracting more users with your ad creative, such as: color, copy, and ad format. Users respond to specific elements differently in different ad formats. For example, with Interstitial Display, users prefer a pink call to action (CTA) that says “Install Now.” For Video formats, a yellow CTA that says “Download Now” is the most optimal. Preferences differ per format, so learn more about the ad engagement of Shopping app users through our infographic below.

Shopping Apps Ad Engagement Infographic

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Interstitial Display

  • Background design: Non Plain
  • Background color: Multicolor
  • Ad copy: Free Bonus
  • Audio: With audio
  • Strategy: Bonus
  • CTA: Install Now
  • CTA color: Pink


  • Strategy: App features
  • Background: Plain
  • Background color: Violet
  • Ad copy: Free Bonus
  • CTA: Download Now
  • CTA color: Yellow
  • Duration: Above or below 30s


  • Background: Non Plain
  • Background color: Yellow
  • Ad copy: Free Credits
  • CTA: Open App
  • CTA color: Red
  • Strategy: Bonus

First impressions are important, and your ad creative is the first touchpoint of potential users in your acquisition funnel. Optimizing your mobile ad creative will lead to more users engaging with your ads. It is also very important to be aware of your audience’s preferences, which is why we also dive into user demographics and user lifestyle of Shopping app users. This will help you produce data-driven creatives that capture users. 

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