Role Playing and Strategy Games: User Lifestyle

Role Playing and Strategy games: User Lifestyle, sketched app features

The mobile gaming app market is booming, now more than ever. It's constantly growing and changing, as are its users. To decide the best strategy, you need to understand both the industry trends and your audience. Their lifestyle and interests, beyond their personas in role playing game apps, should be the basis for your ad creatives to ensure the success of your advertising campaign.

Did you know that 39% of role playing and strategy game app users are interested in health & wellness? Or that 37% have a fish as a pet?

Role Plaing and Strategy Games User Lifestyle

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Entertainment - Online 

26% Music downloads 
17% Streamed Media - Video 

Video Games - By Genre 

29% Action 

Tech Enthusiasts - Software 

82% Games 

Purchase Behaviors - Category 

24% Fashion 

Brand - Fast Food 

34% KFC 

Diet and Fitness 

39% Health & Wellness


24% Food and Wine 


37% Coffee 
29% Beer and Wine 

Political & Social Concerns 

39% Child Welfare 

Lifestyle - Pets 

37% Fish 

Shopping - Personal Tech

54% Computers 
42% Car and GPS

Travel - Interest - Holiday Type 

38% International

Streamed Media 

27% YouTube 

Brand - Online Store 

48% Google Play 

Entertainment - Cinema 

28% Romantic 

Brand - Social Media 

31% Facebook 

In the first part of our infographic series, we shared insightful demographics to assist you in getting to know your role playing and strategy games app users better. The infographic displayed above is the second in our series. It entails helpful statistics about the lifestyle of role playing and strategy game app users that you can use to convey impactful messages your audience can relate to.

Ready for more? Stay tuned for the third part of our infographic series as we give more insights about your app users' ad engagement habits.

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