Role Playing and Strategy Games: User Ad Engagement


Did you know that mobile gaming app users have different ad preferences for each ad format? For role playing and strategy games, the most effective creative strategy for video and banner ads is to highlight the gameplay and boosters. Meanwhile, for interstitial display ads, characters and bonus rewards of the game are more compelling for users. One commonality is that users are more likely to engage with ads that have a multicolored background.



An exceptional creative can forge a meaningful connection with your audience. Your target users are more likely to resonate with your ads if they find them relatable. Considering the demographics, lifestyle, and ad engagement habits of your role playing and strategy game app users (as presented in the infographic above) helps you craft creatives that are engaging and relevant to your audience.

Let our three-part infographic series about role playing and strategy gaming app users be your inspiration to create a next-level mobile app marketing campaign!


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