Re-engaging Lapsed Users Via Rewards

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Discounts and promotions can be an effective way of persuading shopping app users to re-engage, but can this strategy also work for gaming apps? Retargeting users of gaming apps requires a specific strategy. In this article, we will focus on the importance of re-engaging lapsed users via rewards. Rewarding users elicits positive emotions; they evoke excited anticipation of making in-game purchases using those rewards. 

We have run multiple rewarded retargeting campaigns for puzzle apps and below is an analysis of two particular retargeting campaigns that highlight the effectiveness of using rewards. 

Each campaign had different segmentation and creative strategies and each used a different approach for their rewards.   

  • Rewarding All Targeted Users

For the first app, we targeted users who had abandoned the game for at least 14 days and which were further tiered based on their all-time purchase.

Once the users reopened the app they received a one-time reward of either unlimited lives or one unlimited booster for an hour. The creatives we used highlighted each reward of the game.

Reward Unlimited LifeReward Unlimited Booster

Results: Both the unlimited life and unlimited booster rewards performed similarly well. We were able to rapidly exceed client expectations by delivering a considerable increase in return on investment (ROI) performance by 76%. Install rate (IR) grew by 25%, and the cost per reactivation (CPR) decreased by 70%.

  • Rewarding Specific Users from the Targeted Group

For the second app, we targeted users who had abandoned the game for at least 30 days but only those who had been lapsed for at least 60 days were offered a reward. Once the users clicked on the ad and reopened the app, they received a one-time reward of either unlimited life for longer hours or one booster.

Retargeting Booster.gif2Match3 RT Unlimited.gif

Results: The campaign delivered an incredible increase in ROI by 2200.44% and a drop in CPR by 9%. When users get stuck on a specific level for a long time they can get frustrated and may abandon the app. By offering them a reward there is a big chance they will reactivate and grab the opportunity to try and progress in the game. 

Remember that app marketing doesn’t end with an install. With the right retargeting approach, you can make your gaming app a hit!


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