Programmatic User Acquisition: The Way It Really Works

Programmatic User Acquisition

As the number of active users grows, so is the number of gaming and non-gaming mobile apps available. With this strong competition, app developers need to look for ways to go above and beyond to get users to choose their apps. One of the tried and tested ways to succeed is to attract high lifetime value users through a targeted programmatic user acquisition strategy. 

In this article, we dive deep into details of the programmatic landscape, explain how Aarki executes user acquisition campaigns, and reveal the benefits you receive when partnering with Aarki!

Benefits of Programmatic User Acquisition

Key Considerations when Running Programmatic UA

Aarki aims to go above and beyond the goals set by our clients. By using first-party data to develop models that are optimized for our clients’ key performance indicators (KPIs), we are able to craft a variety of dynamically personalized creative ads that deliver non-disruptive customized messages aligned with your app users' interests. Here are the main points behind our success.

   1. Scale

With our five global data centers, and integrations with all major ad exchanges, Aarki reaches millions of QPS (queries or auctions per second), providing unmatched access to global inventory.

   2. Performance

Billions of device IDs with user profiles are used as key features in machine learning models, achieving down-funnel KPIs for events such as registration, sale, and purchase.

   3. Creative

We keep creativity at the core of advertising by investing in creative automation and high-quality creative production, and finding new and innovative solutions to advertising mobile apps. Leveraging our deep repository of creative learnings, we compose ad variants in all the creative ad formats and sizes, and localize them for 26 languages. 

As a company recognized in the industry as a leading mobile performance DSP, we can provide outstanding performance for your next user acquisition campaign. So, what are your next steps? 

Delivering Performance to your UA Campaign

Our process at Aarki has been fundamental to our success, since our inception. It includes three phases: learning, scaling and optimizing.

   1. Learning

To begin, the Learning (or explore) phase includes activities wherein we collect a number of installs and impressions that are fed into our algorithms. We aim for a deep understanding of the app’s users’ journey to inform our prediction model. All new apps go through this phase - typically for up to four weeks.

   2. Scaling

The Scaling (or the install optimization) phase is the second step, where our robust machine learning algorithm models predict the probability of a user to install the app, and optimizes towards a stable cost per install. 

In a recent user acquisition campaign that aimed to broaden the audience reach for a casino app, the volume of app installs doubled when Aarki transitioned from the Learning phase to the Scaling phase.

   3. Optimizing

Finally, we enter the Event Optimization phase where custom models are developed from the data gathered previously, to deliver against your campaign KPIs, such as return on investment (ROI) or cost per install (CPI).

During the same casino campaign described above, we saw consistent outperformance of the campaign goals in the Optimization phase. More details of this campaign are described here.

Reasons why you should partner with AarkiMaking your mobile app popular shouldn’t be a challenge. Let Aarki help you create an acquisition campaign that will catapult you to the top of the charts!

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