Programmatic in China: Make it Mobile, Make it Global

Programmatic in China: Make it Mobile, Make it Global

In line with the wider adoption of programmatic advertising in the Asian market, China is becoming one of the main programmatic hubs of the region. We reviewed the state of programmatic advertising in China in our recent article, and now, we investigate how the Chinese app market can pave its way towards globalization.

  1. Make it Mobile

    In 2020, the number of mobile users worldwide stood at 6.95 billion according to Statista. Make sure you are leveraging the whole potential of your business and think beyond your borders. Make it mobile and make it language, region and culture-agnostic. It’s an opportunity too good to miss. 

  2. Make it Global

    International investments are the best way to go global and several top Chinese companies like Alibaba, Tencent, DIDI are following this trend by investing in overseas ad tech firms. This shift from local to global markets opens new horizons and opportunities for Chinese companies to grow beyond the Great Wall. Transport, finance, shopping, and game companies are the common target for Chinese giants.  

  3. Mind the Product

    Though China is known for its specific local approach to business, Chinese developers have already started working on products that are accepted by global audiences. In pursuit of a wider audience reach, Cheetah Mobile, for instance, has gained international recognition for its tool app. Tencent is famous for gaming apps, Alibaba for shopping.

  4. Innovate

    Out-of-box thinking has always been the winning formula for any business in any country. China is not an exception. A new entertainment system created by TikTok is a good evidence of this statement. TikTok has built a new lifestyle and entertainment system based on its unique content. It achieved great traction in the Chinese market and then successfully copied this model to the global market based on its AI algorithm and hyper localization focus. 

Mainland China businesses are going global. Are you keeping up with the trend? 

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