Programmatic Connect Digital: User Acquisition Strategies for Social Casino Apps

Me2zen Aarki User Acquisition Growth Social Casino

Social Casino games are experiencing a steady rise in usage amongst mobile gamers across the globe. The revenue for the social casino market reached $5.2 billion in 2018. This is forecasted to expand even more as several growth drivers, such as internet penetration, the prevalence of smartphones, and the increase in gaming traffic, are continuously rising globally.

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Listen in to our latest episode of Programmatic Connect Digital and learn how you can take advantage of this growing market!

Xi Tong Coral An Guest Me2zen Aarki

In this episode of Programmatic Connect Digital, Xi Tong, Marketing Director of Me2zen shares her insights with Aarki’s Country Manager in China, Coral An, on how to grow a social casino app’s high lifetime value user base.  

In this video you will:

  • Understand more about China’s mobile advertising landscape
  • Learn some tips and strategies that could help you grow a healthy app user base
  • Discover creative approaches to engage the Chinese market

So get comfortable and listen to this inspiring discussion between these two mobile experts!


Topics: Creative Insights, Marketplace Insights