Programmatic Connect Digital: Re-engagement Basics with Jam City

Jam City Aarki Programmatic Connect Digital with Jam City

In the past few years, the mobile programmatic industry has experienced a tremendous growth in the use of retargeting capabilities. The increase of app abandonment is prevalent, with
21% of users leaving an app after just one use. Because of that, increasing numbers of mobile marketers are educating themselves on the benefits and best practices of re-engaging lapsed mobile app users. 

Discover how you can start your own re-engagement campaign with some basic tips and strategies by watching the video below.

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In this episode of Programmatic Connect Digital, we’ve invited Gabe Hauser, Growth Lead in Jam City, to share his thoughts and insights on re-engaging lapsed users based on his experience with their popular app, Bingo Pop. Together with Aarki’s VP of Sales - North America, Kim Carlson, they’ll also discuss the trends and challenges in the mobile programmatic space.

Gabe Hauser Kim Carlson Jam City Aarki

In this episode you will:

    • Gain some insight into trends and misconceptions in the mobile programmatic industry
    • Understand the importance of data and testing for re-engagement campaigns
    • Learn strategies for re-engaging lapsed users through segmentation, KPIs, and creative

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Topics: Retargeting, Marketplace Insights