Playable Ads for Non-Gaming Brands


Mobile advertising remains buoyant during COVID-19, and is the fastest growing media channel. With several ad formats to choose from, none of them are as attention-grabbing and engaging as playable ads. 

Playables are ads with short mini-games that users can interact with. These are in-app advertising units that function as interactive games. Playables are common for gaming publishers as they provide users with a free, short trial of their game, but non-gaming brands have also started taking advantage of this popular ad format. 

Playables for non-gaming brands are usually in the theme of spot the difference, match 3 or slingshot games, but there are many more! The format is typically 15 seconds to 1 minute long, and there is a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the ad. Examples of CTAs are to complete a form or visit a landing page. It’s important that the theme, imagery and objective of the mini-game complement the message and identity of the brand. 

Take this as an example: 

Drop and catch game for supermarket ad GIF

This playable showcases a promo for a supermarket. The ad features a “Droppable” mini-game, where the user can take an element and place it together with other elements on the screen. This playable works for this ad because it gives users a simulation of adding items to their cart.

Hidden Object game for an ad GIF

The ad above is for a chocolate brand. The ad showcases a “Hidden Object” mini-game, which gives the users a simulation of looking for the chocolate products in their pantry. After users play with the ad, they have a chance to see a recipe and to find more about the product.

Reasons why non-gaming brands should utilize playable ads

  1. They capture the users’ attention 

    Playables are flexible and immersive compared to static imagery or videos. This makes them more appealing and enticing to users because it encourages them to interact with your ad, while learning more about the products or services that you’re offering. 

  2. They offer users immersive and brand-rich content 

    With so many options of game themes to choose from, advertisers have the chance to express their brand personality in a fun and interactive way. You can add extra elements on top of your mini-game such as video trailers, coupons, tickets and more, to make it more dynamic.

  3. They provide a mobile-first experience

    Playables work brilliantly on mobile and are the most effective mobile ad type compared to banner ads, video, and others. With most users being active on mobile devices and already familiar with many types of games, your audience will know instinctively how to interact with your mini-game on their mobile device. And you can achieve outstanding audience reach with this format.  

Playable ads are the way forward to create an immersive brand experience that is memorable and effective. Here at Aarki, we ensure that the ads we create will give you the best results and leave the biggest impact to your audience. To learn more about our creative services, reach out to our team here

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