Delivering the Right Message with Personalized App Marketing

Delivering the Right Message with Personalized App Marketing

Mobile ads have come a long way from being just an annoyance to the user. Now, because of personalized app marketing, mobile ads have evolved to become a seamless part of the user’s app experience. With this strategy, app marketers can effectively communicate with their target audience, engage with them on their terms, and break through the clutter of so many mobile ads. This means delivering the right message, to the right audience, through the right medium, at the right place and time.

What is ad personalization?

Ad personalization is a powerful strategy that improves advertising relevance for users and increases return on investment (ROI) for advertisers. Personalized ads are based on users’ interests and past behavior (e.g., their engagement, purchase level, etc.), which enhances the user experience and drives higher engagement rates, overall increasing click-through rates (CTR).

Personalization is key for retargeting campaigns. To target lapsed users on a more granular level, Aarki uses audience segments shared by the advertiser and crafts different messages and design elements to appeal to each segment’s interest.

Depending on the app, the division of segments can be based on many factors. For gaming apps, segments might be based on spend level, level reached, level tries, and the user’s app activity. To increase the probability of reactivating high-quality users, we map the segments and their intersections and create personalized ads based on this data.

How can you leverage personalization in retargeting campaigns?

Different segments create different opportunities for ad creatives, and we have accumulated loads of experience and learnings in this area. We are glad to share some of our personalization strategies for retargeting the users of game apps, which also work across most other app categories.

Show game updates relevant to users’ activity level

High activity- If the user was actively using the app previously, showing them the level one theme will be a waste of time and resources. Instead, focus the ad creative on your app’s most recent updates to help make it stand out more, driving interest and increasing retention.

Medium activity- To re-engage users with a medium activity level, focus on the unexplored game components or features. Show them that the most interesting part of your app is yet to come.

Low activity - If the users have a low activity level, most probably they are not familiar with your app’s core features. Creating messaging based on the game’s most important and catchy features will increase your likelihood of enticing them back to your app.

Show elements related to the user's last level reached

Use your app’s characters to encourage and challenge the user to keep playing. If the user is stuck at a certain level, showing tips and tricks to win that level will increase your chances of retaining them.

Correctly analyzing and utilizing audience lists will determine the result of any app marketing campaign performance. Connect to your app users through personalized ads and make them feel unique.

What should you consider when utilizing personalized app marketing?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you targeting the right audience?

In mobile marketing, less is more. The fewer messages each user receives, the more powerful each message becomes. To achieve better results, make each message count. First, understand your mobile app’s audiences, then identify specific user segments that you can target.

Is your message relevant to the target audience?

Relevant messaging is crucial for successful communication. You must deliver the right message, one that offers value to your audience, if you want to drive brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty. To craft the right messages, you need to know your audience inside out: what they love about your app and when, where, why, and how they use your app. Once you know your audience, you will have an idea of how to approach them and spark a conversation. Don’t underestimate the importance of extensive creative research. Implement different creative strategies and find out which ones work, and which do not. Test strategies like personalization, localization, and multivariate testing.

Are you delivering your ad at the right time and frequency?

The timing and frequency of the ad are key to a successful campaign. It needs to be well-timed so that you don’t interrupt the user experience. Plan when you want each audience segment to see your ad and use sequencing and frequency caps so that you can tell a story and build interest. Get rid of the creative strategies that are not effective and constantly go back to check that your creative is aligned with your target audience. Finally, regularly refresh your creative to prevent ad fatigue and continue to personalize your creative ads even after a user has made a purchase.

If you have answered “yes” to the three questions above, you are on the right path to leveraging a personalized app marketing strategy. Crafting relevant and personalized ad creatives maximizes the chances that your app will become a hit.

To learn more about how Aarki can help you do just that, leave us a message here.

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